Laura Crouchley: Blog en-us (C) Laura Crouchley (Laura Crouchley) Fri, 13 Jul 2018 10:49:00 GMT Fri, 13 Jul 2018 10:49:00 GMT Laura Crouchley: Blog 90 120 St Paul's Carnival 2018 Last Saturday I went to my first ever St Paul's Carnival, the huge party representing the best of African Caribbean culture, diversity and creativity in Bristol. Back in the city after a three-year absence, it was it's 50th celebration since the first carnival in 1968. 

With the sunshine blazing, thousands of people filled the streets with colour and cheer, music and dance bringing the community together. What an amazing day. Big Bristol love xx

DSC_0793-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0793-Laura Crouchley DSC_0795-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0795-Laura Crouchley DSC_0660-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0660-Laura Crouchley DSC_0452-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0452-Laura Crouchley DSC_0414-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0414-Laura Crouchley DSC_0438-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0438-Laura Crouchley DSC_0455-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0455-Laura Crouchley DSC_0453-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0453-Laura Crouchley DSC_0459-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0459-Laura Crouchley DSC_0444-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0444-Laura Crouchley DSC_0461-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0461-Laura Crouchley DSC_0471-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0471-Laura Crouchley DSC_0479-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0479-Laura Crouchley DSC_0463-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0463-Laura Crouchley DSC_0492-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0492-Laura Crouchley DSC_0487-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0487-Laura Crouchley DSC_0499-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0499-Laura Crouchley DSC_0512-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0512-Laura Crouchley DSC_0477-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0477-Laura Crouchley DSC_0536-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0536-Laura Crouchley DSC_0537-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0537-Laura Crouchley DSC_0584-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0584-Laura Crouchley DSC_0541-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0541-Laura Crouchley DSC_0591-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0591-Laura Crouchley DSC_0595-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0595-Laura Crouchley DSC_0543-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0543-Laura Crouchley DSC_0682-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0682-Laura Crouchley DSC_0575-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0575-Laura Crouchley DSC_0547-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0547-Laura Crouchley DSC_0560-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0560-Laura Crouchley DSC_0600-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0600-Laura Crouchley DSC_0690-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0690-Laura Crouchley DSC_0709-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0709-Laura Crouchley DSC_0581-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0581-Laura Crouchley DSC_0638-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0638-Laura Crouchley DSC_0588-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0588-Laura Crouchley DSC_0632-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0632-Laura Crouchley DSC_0674-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0674-Laura Crouchley DSC_0616-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0616-Laura Crouchley DSC_0725-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0725-Laura Crouchley DSC_0642-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0642-Laura Crouchley DSC_0644-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0644-Laura Crouchley DSC_0647-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0647-Laura Crouchley DSC_0659-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0659-Laura Crouchley DSC_0652-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0652-Laura Crouchley DSC_0656-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0656-Laura Crouchley DSC_0670-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0670-Laura Crouchley DSC_0679-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0679-Laura Crouchley DSC_0696-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0696-Laura Crouchley DSC_0692-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0692-Laura Crouchley DSC_0703-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0703-Laura Crouchley DSC_0733-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0733-Laura Crouchley DSC_0711-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0711-Laura Crouchley DSC_0737-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0737-Laura Crouchley DSC_0720-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0720-Laura Crouchley DSC_0743-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0743-Laura Crouchley DSC_0741-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0741-Laura Crouchley DSC_0761-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0761-Laura Crouchley DSC_0754-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0754-Laura Crouchley DSC_0748-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0748-Laura Crouchley DSC_0783-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0783-Laura Crouchley DSC_0778-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0778-Laura Crouchley DSC_0767-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0767-Laura Crouchley DSC_0798-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0798-Laura Crouchley DSC_0801-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0801-Laura Crouchley DSC_0803-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0803-Laura Crouchley DSC_0784-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0784-Laura Crouchley DSC_0813-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0813-Laura Crouchley DSC_0824-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0824-Laura Crouchley DSC_0790-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0790-Laura Crouchley DSC_0806-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0806-Laura Crouchley DSC_0831-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0831-Laura Crouchley DSC_0869-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0869-Laura Crouchley DSC_0872-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0872-Laura Crouchley DSC_0884-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0884-Laura Crouchley DSC_0902-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0902-Laura Crouchley DSC_0909-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0909-Laura Crouchley DSC_0910-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0910-Laura Crouchley DSC_0916-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0916-Laura Crouchley DSC_0919-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0919-Laura Crouchley DSC_0926-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0926-Laura Crouchley DSC_0938-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0938-Laura Crouchley DSC_0946-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0946-Laura Crouchley DSC_0948-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0948-Laura Crouchley DSC_0950-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0950-Laura Crouchley DSC_0970-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0970-Laura Crouchley DSC_0445-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0445-Laura Crouchley

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Charlie & Alex I'm still cooling down after Saturday's seriously hot wedding. The weather, the venue, the dapper guys, glam girls... what a wedding!

I'd been looking forward to Charlie and Alex's big day since they got in touch back in 2016. Their venue: Ocean Kave in Westward Ho! North Devon, overlooks miles of stunning coastline, with views across the Atlantic Ocean to Lundy Island and beyond.

The wedding party and guests enjoyed Ocean Kave's luxury onsite accommodation for the weekend and with the amazing weather, everyone was excited and ready to party.

The ceremony took place inside a unique, romantic and secluded cave, nestled within 60 acres of beautiful private grounds and rolling hills. Fashionably late, Charlie wowed Alex and guests in her stunning bespoke dress and the apparent ‘hard to crack’ Bride shed a tear during their ceremony. From the dark intimate ceremony of the cave, out into the bright glorious sunshine, guests mingled with a Pimms in hand, soaking up the rays and taking in the venues gorgeous surroundings.

With temperatures above 30 degrees and not a cloud in the sky, the kids entertained family and friends with a water fight and then ice cream on the lawn before speeches. The sun continued to shine through the reception suite windows, lighting up laughing faces during the speeches and a hilarious life-size cut out of Alex partied with guests into the evening. An epic day, and what better way to end the day than with a stunning sunset over the ocean.

Possibly my hottest wedding to date, thanks to my wonderful assistant Stacey for all her hard work and for mopping my brow throughout the day.

Charlie and Alex - it was an absolute pleasure to photograph your big day, and I wish you both the very best of luck for your happily married future together! xx

DSC_8737-2DSC_8737-2 DSC_8863DSC_8863 DSC_8794DSC_8794 DSC_8842DSC_8842 DSC_8851DSC_8851 DSC_8695DSC_8695 DSC_8885copyDSC_8885copy DSC_8787DSC_8787 DSC_8917DSC_8917 DSC_8833DSC_8833 DSC_8945DSC_8945 DSC_8895DSC_8895 DSC_8915DSC_8915 DSC_8944DSC_8944 DSC_9019DSC_9019 DSC_9040DSC_9040 DSC_9049DSC_9049 DSC_9034DSC_9034 DSC_9053DSC_9053 DSC_9109DSC_9109 DSC_9081DSC_9081 DSC_9133DSC_9133 DSC_9131DSC_9131 DSC_9144DSC_9144 DSC_9151DSC_9151 DSC_9173DSC_9173 DSC_9179DSC_9179 DSC_9216DSC_9216 DSC_9272DSC_9272 DSC_9279DSC_9279 DSC_9288DSC_9288 DSC_9313DSC_9313 DSC_9208DSC_9208 DSC_9347DSC_9347 DSC_9352DSC_9352 DSC_9360DSC_9360 DSC_9401-2DSC_9401-2 DSC_9409DSC_9409 DSC_9431DSC_9431 DSC_9243DSC_9243 DSC_9257DSC_9257 DSC_9485DSC_9485 DSC_9490DSC_9490 DSC_9269DSC_9269 DSC_9272-2DSC_9272-2 DSC_9686DSC_9686 DSC_9741DSC_9741 DSC_9390DSC_9390 DSC_9841DSC_9841 DSC_9860DSC_9860 DSC_9864DSC_9864 DSC_9894DSC_9894 DSC_9914DSC_9914 DSC_9924DSC_9924 DSC_9443DSC_9443 DSC_9447DSC_9447 DSC_9948DSC_9948 DSC_9509DSC_9509 DSC_9505abDSC_9505ab DSC_9513DSC_9513 DSC_9531DSC_9531 DSC_9535DSC_9535 DSC_9554DSC_9554 DSC_9614DSC_9614 DSC_9638DSC_9638 DSC_9674DSC_9674 DSC_9688DSC_9688 DSC_0096aDSC_0096a DSC_0100DSC_0100 DSC_0110DSC_0110 DSC_9791DSC_9791 DSC_9838DSC_9838 DSC_9889DSC_9889 DSC_9921DSC_9921 DSC_9936DSC_9936 DSC_0236DSC_0236 DSC_0276DSC_0276 DSC_0292DSC_0292 DSC_0338DSC_0338 DSC_0151DSC_0151 DSC_0399DSC_0399 DSC_0195DSC_0195 DSC_0056DSC_0056 DSC_0397aDSC_0397a DSC_0104-2DSC_0104-2

Supplier Credits:

Venue: Ocean Kave, Westward Ho!, Devon

Hair: Maria Haywood

Make up: Adele Jack

Dress: Justin Alexander, Prudence Gowns

Flowers: St Mellion Flowers

Bespoke Seamstress Service: Caryl at Hemming Birds

Cake: Love Cakes by Mica




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Lela's baby brother Last year I met Alyson, Paul and Lela who are originally from Texas. They were keen to capture their one year old, Lela, where she was born in London and so last spring we explored the local sights together. Lela loved being on her feet exploring the city and picking flowers along the way. Our photo shoot started along Embankment, past Big Ben, we stopped for a picnic in St James Park and then onto the colourful streets of Notting Hill.

Alyson got in touch this year with the news that baby number two was on it's way. Not only was it special to be asked to capture their family again but it was also lovely to meet baby William, see how much Lela had grown and to watch how much she adores her baby brother and document the family in the London home. Lela loves her baby brother and I have no doubt will be amazing big sister. 

Here's a few favourites from both our sessions.xx

36-Laura Crouchley36-Laura Crouchley Lela, blog set 2Lela, blog set 2 35-Laura Crouchley35-Laura Crouchley 47-Laura Crouchley47-Laura Crouchley 99-Laura Crouchley99-Laura Crouchley 82-Laura Crouchley82-Laura Crouchley Lela, blog setLela, blog set 5-Laura Crouchley5-Laura Crouchley 2-Laura Crouchley2-Laura Crouchley 23-Laura Crouchley23-Laura Crouchley 15-Laura Crouchley15-Laura Crouchley 14-Laura Crouchley14-Laura Crouchley 22-Laura Crouchley22-Laura Crouchley William, blog set 1William, blog set 1 7-Laura Crouchley7-Laura Crouchley 49-Laura Crouchley49-Laura Crouchley 70-Laura Crouchley70-Laura Crouchley 65-Laura Crouchley65-Laura Crouchley 67-Laura Crouchley67-Laura Crouchley 114-Laura Crouchley114-Laura Crouchley 72-Laura Crouchley72-Laura Crouchley William, blog set 3William, blog set 3 30-Laura Crouchley30-Laura Crouchley 63-Laura Crouchley63-Laura Crouchley 109-Laura Crouchley109-Laura Crouchley 79-Laura Crouchley79-Laura Crouchley 82-Laura Crouchley82-Laura Crouchley 120-Laura Crouchley120-Laura Crouchley 129-Laura Crouchley129-Laura Crouchley 98-Laura Crouchley98-Laura Crouchley William, blog set 2William, blog set 2 104-Laura Crouchley104-Laura Crouchley

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Matt & Emily Sunday saw the kick off to my 2018 wedding season with Matt and Emily’s corker of a wedding at The Lanes Hotel in West Coker, Yeovil.

I’m still buzzing from what was an amazing day with incredible weather and a venue packed with guests who had travelled from Australia, Canada, Tanzania to 50 yards down the road.

Matt, the Groom I knew growing up as his parents Sue and Dave are close family friends of my Mum and Dad, I’d even baby sat him and his brother Alex a few times years ago.

Much of the day was spent enjoying the hotel’s stunning garden with guests sunbathing on the loungers, Pimms on the lawn and the children tempting the goats out of their little hut at the bottom of the garden.

Emily sparkled with her beautiful bridesmaids in the sunshine and the super cute flower girl, Isabella, had everyone awwing throughout the day.

A relaxed vibe over dinner, guests enjoyed homemade alcoholic miniatures made by a friend and the Best Man’s speech had everyone in stitches over Matt’s quick tea making skills.

The first dance was on another level with an impressive dance routine to Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake’s Love Never Felt So Good, they smashed out some serious moves and everybody loved it.

What a wedding, a packed dance floor until the end and a wonderful day full of fun, love and laughter.

Massive congratulations Matt & Emily, I hope you're having an amazing honeymoon in Rhodes.xx

DSC_4393DSC_4393 2/ 13-DSC_58612/ 13-DSC_5861 DSC_3874aDSC_3874a 5/ -DSC_38875/ -DSC_3887 9/ 3-DSC_39069/ 3-DSC_3906 4/ 14-DSC_58724/ 14-DSC_5872 12/ 6-DSC_395112/ 6-DSC_3951 8/ 5-DSC_39388/ 5-DSC_3938 7/ 15-DSC_41637/ 15-DSC_4163 11/ 7-DSC_403211/ 7-DSC_4032 9-DSC_40449-DSC_4044 10/ 12-DSC_408910/ 12-DSC_4089 10-DSC_406610-DSC_4066 11-DSC_406911-DSC_4069 29-DSC_593629-DSC_5936 31-DSC_593931-DSC_5939 32-DSC_594232-DSC_5942 17-DSC_425517-DSC_4255 18-DSC_425718-DSC_4257 21-DSC_429221-DSC_4292 23-DSC_592523-DSC_5925 25-DSC_433525-DSC_4335 24-DSC_432024-DSC_4320 DSC_4411DSC_4411 26-DSC_434426-DSC_4344 33-DSC_445133-DSC_4451 27-DSC_436727-DSC_4367 34-DSC_445834-DSC_4458 35-DSC_447135-DSC_4471 36-DSC_449236-DSC_4492 37-DSC_596137-DSC_5961 38-DSC_598738-DSC_5987 39-DSC_454639-DSC_4546 40-DSC_456440-DSC_4564 41-DSC_457141-DSC_4571 42-DSC_460742-DSC_4607 43-DSC_462743-DSC_4627 45-DSC_465045-DSC_4650 46-DSC_465946-DSC_4659 47-DSC_599847-DSC_5998 49-DSC_609649-DSC_6096 50-DSC_610850-DSC_6108 51-DSC_612451-DSC_6124 52-DSC_614452-DSC_6144 53-DSC_493853-DSC_4938 DSC_4961DSC_4961 56-DSC_619856-DSC_6198 57-DSC_5013a57-DSC_5013a DSC_5041DSC_5041 62-DSC_512062-DSC_5120 64-DSC_513364-DSC_5133 66-DSC_517866-DSC_5178 67-DSC_518367-DSC_5183 69-DSC_520569-DSC_5205 71-DSC_630971-DSC_6309 72-DSC_631572-DSC_6315 75-DSC_524175-DSC_5241 76-DSC_633876-DSC_6338 78-DSC_637178-DSC_6371 79-DSC_639079-DSC_6390 80-DSC_641780-DSC_6417 DSC_5056DSC_5056 DSC_5078DSC_5078 61-DSC_508661-DSC_5086 81-DSC_530281-DSC_5302 83-DSC_647383-DSC_6473 84-DSC_531884-DSC_5318 86-DSC_533086-DSC_5330 89-DSC_537689-DSC_5376 90-DSC_538390-DSC_5383 91-DSC_652891-DSC_6528 DSC_5461DSC_5461 DSC_5472DSC_5472 DSC_6564DSC_6564 DSC_5515DSC_5515 DSC_5602DSC_5602 DSC_6624DSC_6624 DSC_5716DSC_5716 DSC_5829DSC_5829 DSC_5845DSC_5845


Suppliers Credits:

Venue: Lanes Hotel, West Coker
Hair: Mane Attraction Hair & Beauty
Make up: The Beauty Room at Kim & Clyde Ltd
Prima Moda Brides, Ilminster
Flowers: Twigs and Twine Floral Design

Wooden Love letters and Calligraphy: Apple and Bramble





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2017 Highlights I've put together a blog of some of my wedding highlights from last year where I was lucky enough to photograph weddings from the scenic countryside of Devon to my local stomping ground of Bristol and the big smoke that is London.

I get such a buzz of excitement photographing weddings, I love meeting new people and being able to share their moments; the nerves, the laughter and the tears all in one day.

Thank you to my amazing clients, family and friends who continue to support me, my 2018 wedding season kicks off next month and I looking forward to getting stuck in.

Finally, I want give a special shout to my Sister who is tying the knot later this year, I can’t wait.

Look out for more blogs to come, here's my 2017 highlights…..

CLICK TO WATCH the slideshow

or feel free to scroll through the individual images below:

1. 169-Laura Crouchley1. 169-Laura Crouchley 2. Blog set 222. Blog set 22 3. 97-Laura Crouchley3. 97-Laura Crouchley 4. 352A-Laura Crouchley4. 352A-Laura Crouchley 5. Blog set 155. Blog set 15 6. 163D-Laura Crouchley6. 163D-Laura Crouchley 7. Blog set 87. Blog set 8 8. 431-Laura Crouchley8. 431-Laura Crouchley 9. 410-Laura Crouchley9. 410-Laura Crouchley 10. 472A-Laura Crouchley10. 472A-Laura Crouchley 11. Blog set 2111. Blog set 21 12. 316A-Laura Crouchley12. 316A-Laura Crouchley 13. Blog set 613. Blog set 6 228A-Laura Crouchley228A-Laura Crouchley 143A-Laura Crouchley143A-Laura Crouchley Blog set 23Blog set 23 511-Laura Crouchley511-Laura Crouchley Blog set 20Blog set 20 556-Laura Crouchley556-Laura Crouchley 696A-Laura Crouchley696A-Laura Crouchley Blog set 3Blog set 3 189F-Laura Crouchley189F-Laura Crouchley Blog set 16Blog set 16 391-Laura Crouchley391-Laura Crouchley 259A-Laura Crouchley259A-Laura Crouchley Blog set 26Blog set 26 FOR VIDEO 321-Laura CrouchleyFOR VIDEO 321-Laura Crouchley Blog set 13Blog set 13 734-Laura Crouchley734-Laura Crouchley 517-Laura Crouchley517-Laura Crouchley 694-Laura Crouchley694-Laura Crouchley 178AB-Laura Crouchley178AB-Laura Crouchley Blog set 1copyBlog set 1copy 461A-Laura Crouchley461A-Laura Crouchley Blog set 12Blog set 12 FOR VIDEO 540-Laura CrouchleyFOR VIDEO 540-Laura Crouchley 66-Laura Crouchley66-Laura Crouchley 654-Laura Crouchley654-Laura Crouchley Blog set 24Blog set 24 312A-Laura Crouchley312A-Laura Crouchley Blog set 5Blog set 5 464-Laura Crouchley464-Laura Crouchley 328A-Laura Crouchley328A-Laura Crouchley Blog set 7Blog set 7 153A-Laura Crouchley153A-Laura Crouchley Blog set 17Blog set 17 581-Laura Crouchley581-Laura Crouchley 470AB-Laura Crouchley470AB-Laura Crouchley 167F-Laura Crouchley167F-Laura Crouchley Blog set 4Blog set 4 646-Laura Crouchley646-Laura Crouchley 104-Laura Crouchley104-Laura Crouchley Blog set 18Blog set 18 470-Laura Crouchley470-Laura Crouchley 417D-Laura Crouchley417D-Laura Crouchley Blog set 11Blog set 11 772-Laura Crouchley772-Laura Crouchley Blog set 10Blog set 10 474F-Laura Crouchley474F-Laura Crouchley Blog set 28Blog set 28 467-Laura Crouchley467-Laura Crouchley Blog set 27Blog set 27 FOR VIDEO 571-Laura CrouchleyFOR VIDEO 571-Laura Crouchley


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Hannah & Ed I've been meaning to blog this wedding for a while now but with it being peak wedding season there has been little time to sit still. Hannah and Ed recently celebrated their one year anniversary and I wanted to take a bit of time to reminisce and share their day, an absolute favourite from last year in their home town of Winchester.

I met Hannah when I moved back to Bristol, and knowing she was a photography student at UWE, I was honoured when she asked me to photograph her day.

The ceremony took place right in the heart of the city at Winchester Registry Office in the elegant Basing Room. After an emotional ceremony we made the most of the surrounding historic buildings with photos on the steps and outside the The Great Hall.  

Greeted with bubbles to their reception, Itchen Abbas and Avington Village Hall was completely transformed into a colourful delight with home made paper flowers, pom poms, balloons, Mexican day of the dead bunting, vintage tea cups and wild flowers. Before speeches guests tucked into a very English spread of sandwiches and tea, then out on the lawn where spoilt with delicious homemade ice cream and some seriously good wood-fired pizza served from a converted Land Rover.

I loved the glits of Hannah's dress, her beautiful vibrant flowers made by her Mum's friend and Ed's Peeky Blinders styled suit, complete with pocket watch. The detailed colourful cake with Mexican day of the dead cake topper, and all together the whole way the day unfolded, wonderfully relaxed with lots of treats, fun and games.

Thanks Hannah and Ed for choosing me to photograph your day and happy belated anniversary.xx


H & E, SET 1H & E, SET 1 6-Laura Crouchley6-Laura Crouchley 7-Laura Crouchley7-Laura Crouchley 28-Laura Crouchley28-Laura Crouchley H & E, SET 22 newH & E, SET 22 new 12-Laura Crouchley12-Laura Crouchley H & E, SET 21 newH & E, SET 21 new 36-Laura Crouchley36-Laura Crouchley H & E, SET 3H & E, SET 3 105-Laura Crouchley105-Laura Crouchley 102-Laura Crouchley102-Laura Crouchley H & E, SET 24 newH & E, SET 24 new H & E, SET 23 newH & E, SET 23 new 144-Laura Crouchley144-Laura Crouchley 170-Laura Crouchley170-Laura Crouchley 173-Laura Crouchley173-Laura Crouchley 179-Laura Crouchley179-Laura Crouchley 182-Laura Crouchley182-Laura Crouchley H & E, SET 25 newH & E, SET 25 new H & E, SET 28 newH & E, SET 28 new 214-Laura Crouchley214-Laura Crouchley H & E, SET 27 newH & E, SET 27 new 251-Laura Crouchley251-Laura Crouchley H & E, SET 29 newH & E, SET 29 new 288-Laura Crouchley288-Laura Crouchley 290-Laura Crouchley290-Laura Crouchley 295-Laura Crouchley295-Laura Crouchley 293-Laura Crouchley293-Laura Crouchley H & E, SET 26 newH & E, SET 26 new 333-Laura Crouchley333-Laura Crouchley 346-Laura Crouchley346-Laura Crouchley 348-Laura Crouchley348-Laura Crouchley 354-Laura Crouchley354-Laura Crouchley 374-Laura Crouchley374-Laura Crouchley 376-Laura Crouchley376-Laura Crouchley 393-Laura Crouchley393-Laura Crouchley 398-Laura Crouchley-2398-Laura Crouchley-2 H & E, SET 31 newH & E, SET 31 new 411-Laura Crouchley411-Laura Crouchley H & E, SET 4H & E, SET 4 436-Laura Crouchley436-Laura Crouchley H & E, SET 7H & E, SET 7 441-Laura Crouchley441-Laura Crouchley H & E, SET 32 newH & E, SET 32 new 460-Laura Crouchley460-Laura Crouchley H & E, SET 5H & E, SET 5 527-Laura Crouchley527-Laura Crouchley 472-Laura Crouchley472-Laura Crouchley H & E, SET 11 newH & E, SET 11 new 476-Laura Crouchley476-Laura Crouchley H & E, SET 17 newH & E, SET 17 new 491-Laura Crouchley491-Laura Crouchley 493-Laura Crouchley493-Laura Crouchley 494-Laura Crouchley494-Laura Crouchley H & E, SET 6 newH & E, SET 6 new 504-Laura Crouchley504-Laura Crouchley H & E, SET 8 newH & E, SET 8 new 516-Laura Crouchley516-Laura Crouchley 517-Laura Crouchley517-Laura Crouchley H & E, SET 9 newH & E, SET 9 new H & E, SET 2H & E, SET 2 565-Laura Crouchley565-Laura Crouchley H & E, SET 16 newH & E, SET 16 new 618-Laura Crouchley618-Laura Crouchley 591-Laura Crouchley591-Laura Crouchley 606-Laura Crouchley606-Laura Crouchley 597-Laura Crouchley597-Laura Crouchley 643-Laura Crouchley643-Laura Crouchley 632-Laura Crouchley632-Laura Crouchley H & E, SET 12 newH & E, SET 12 new 662-Laura Crouchley662-Laura Crouchley H & E, SET 18 newH & E, SET 18 new 678-Laura Crouchley678-Laura Crouchley H & E, SET 13 newH & E, SET 13 new 681-Laura Crouchley681-Laura Crouchley H & E, SET 15 newH & E, SET 15 new 722-Laura Crouchley722-Laura Crouchley 739-Laura Crouchley739-Laura Crouchley H & E, SET 14 newH & E, SET 14 new 755-Laura Crouchley755-Laura Crouchley 771-Laura Crouchley771-Laura Crouchley H & E, SET 10 newH & E, SET 10 new 789-Laura Crouchley789-Laura Crouchley 808-Laura Crouchley808-Laura Crouchley 807-Laura Crouchley807-Laura Crouchley


Venues: Winchester Registry Office and Itchen Abbas and Avington Village Hall

Dress: Phase 8 

Hair: Hair-boutique 

Bridesmaids Dresses: Little Mistress and ASOS

Suit: Moss Bros 

Pocket watch: Rapport London 

Cake: Cake Fairy's Bakery

Bell tent: JoJo Bell Tents

Afternoon Tea: Cuppacheeno

Ice Cream: Sundaes Child 

Pizza: Born and Raised Pizza

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Bristol World Naked Bike Ride 2017 Last Sunday I photographed a unique and surreal event, The Bristol World Naked Bike Ride. On a lazy drizzly Sunday I headed to the very apt Full Moon and Attic bar in Stokes Croft, where the annual ride sets off. Hundreds of riders braved the weather and bared all to take part in the seven-mile round cycle weaving it's way through some of Bristol's busiest roads. The bike ride is part of a global movement that raises awareness around environmental issues and highlights the vulnerability of cyclists on Bristol roads.

With You Can Leave Your Hat On pumping, body paint smeared and bare bottoms seated, the atmosphere was electric and there was quite the crowd. As cyclist crowded back to The full Moon it felt completely normal to be surrounded by naked cyclist and after a couple of pints I considered (for a second) taking part myself next year. 

Total respect for everyone involved.

Warning- contains nudity! 

DSC_3368-Laura CrouchleyDSC_3368-Laura Crouchley DSC_3369-Laura CrouchleyDSC_3369-Laura Crouchley DSC_3380-Laura CrouchleyDSC_3380-Laura Crouchley DSC_3384-Laura CrouchleyDSC_3384-Laura Crouchley DSC_3406-Laura CrouchleyDSC_3406-Laura Crouchley DSC_3415-Laura CrouchleyDSC_3415-Laura Crouchley DSC_3418-Laura CrouchleyDSC_3418-Laura Crouchley DSC_3419-Laura CrouchleyDSC_3419-Laura Crouchley DSC_3426-Laura CrouchleyDSC_3426-Laura Crouchley DSC_3429-Laura CrouchleyDSC_3429-Laura Crouchley DSC_3437-Laura CrouchleyDSC_3437-Laura Crouchley DSC_3444-Laura CrouchleyDSC_3444-Laura Crouchley DSC_3448-Laura CrouchleyDSC_3448-Laura Crouchley DSC_3454-Laura CrouchleyDSC_3454-Laura Crouchley DSC_3459-Laura CrouchleyDSC_3459-Laura Crouchley DSC_3463-Laura CrouchleyDSC_3463-Laura Crouchley DSC_3468-Laura CrouchleyDSC_3468-Laura Crouchley DSC_3470-Laura CrouchleyDSC_3470-Laura Crouchley DSC_3471-Laura CrouchleyDSC_3471-Laura Crouchley DSC_3479-Laura CrouchleyDSC_3479-Laura Crouchley DSC_3493-Laura CrouchleyDSC_3493-Laura Crouchley DSC_3501-Laura CrouchleyDSC_3501-Laura Crouchley DSC_3506-Laura CrouchleyDSC_3506-Laura Crouchley DSC_3522-Laura CrouchleyDSC_3522-Laura Crouchley DSC_3524-Laura CrouchleyDSC_3524-Laura Crouchley DSC_3552-Laura CrouchleyDSC_3552-Laura Crouchley DSC_3556-Laura CrouchleyDSC_3556-Laura Crouchley DSC_3570-Laura CrouchleyDSC_3570-Laura Crouchley DSC_3572-Laura CrouchleyDSC_3572-Laura Crouchley   DSC_3591-Laura CrouchleyDSC_3591-Laura Crouchley   DSC_3597-Laura CrouchleyDSC_3597-Laura Crouchley DSC_3604-Laura CrouchleyDSC_3604-Laura Crouchley DSC_3615-Laura CrouchleyDSC_3615-Laura Crouchley DSC_3619-Laura CrouchleyDSC_3619-Laura Crouchley DSC_3627-Laura CrouchleyDSC_3627-Laura Crouchley DSC_3630-Laura CrouchleyDSC_3630-Laura Crouchley DSC_3636-Laura CrouchleyDSC_3636-Laura Crouchley DSC_3639-Laura CrouchleyDSC_3639-Laura Crouchley DSC_3643-Laura CrouchleyDSC_3643-Laura Crouchley DSC_3646-Laura CrouchleyDSC_3646-Laura Crouchley DSC_3648-Laura CrouchleyDSC_3648-Laura Crouchley DSC_3654-Laura CrouchleyDSC_3654-Laura Crouchley DSC_3657-Laura CrouchleyDSC_3657-Laura Crouchley DSC_3661-Laura CrouchleyDSC_3661-Laura Crouchley DSC_3671-Laura CrouchleyDSC_3671-Laura Crouchley DSC_3677-Laura CrouchleyDSC_3677-Laura Crouchley DSC_3692-Laura CrouchleyDSC_3692-Laura Crouchley DSC_3693-Laura CrouchleyDSC_3693-Laura Crouchley DSC_3709-Laura CrouchleyDSC_3709-Laura Crouchley DSC_3711-Laura CrouchleyDSC_3711-Laura Crouchley


See more here


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Southbank Bristol Arts Trail 2017 Arts Trail set for blogArts Trail set for blog

It's been ages since I last posted on my blog; my only excuse is that it's been an incredibly busy yet amazing few years. In recent weeks, (more so than usual), I have been reflecting on the ever evolving and life changing journey which has taken me to where I am today. I have to go all the way back to 2006 - how that was over 10 years ago is insane - I had just completed my Fine Art Degree at UWE Bristol and I took part in what was then called The Southville Bristol Arts Trail.

A weekend of arts and crafts exhibited in people’s homes, where members of the public arrive to tea and biscuits and friendly faces sounded too good not to be a part of. The Arts Trail actually extends to churches, community centres and pubs and I wanted to do something different so, I decided I would display abstract projections in the crypt of St Paul’s Church in Southville.

I had a great time…

I met many interesting people and talented artists including a photographer who kindly offered me exhibition space in - what used to be - the Spy Glass Boat which rests upon The Bristol Harbour along Welsh Back and with Uni friends we put on our own exhibition.

Around that time I was working in a family portrait studio based in Bristol which was a hugely demanding and stressful environment. Sales based, the targets were rigid at 15 photos in 15 minutes, creativity had zero chance to shine and my photography was restricted to the studio’s four walls. Although I knew the combination of knowledge of the industry and practical experience would be a valuable asset in my professional life, I realised I wasn't a studio photographer.

Feeling slightly disenchanted and in need of some motivation, I decided to mix it and swapped the hustle and bustle of working in the UK for 18 months travelling the world! I eventually settled in New Zealand and lived there for a year with my camera always closely by my side. The beauty, wildlife, incredible variety of landscapes and friendly people gave me more inspiration and life experience I could’ve ever imagined possible.

I reluctantly returned to the UK in 2009, a new chapter beckoned…


11 22 33


My plane landed in London and ended up staying in the big smoke for 6 years. In between working in a local pub I became freelance, photographing events, fashion, gigs, musicians and festivals, I eventually found my feet with lifestyle and weddings and my photography career began. By late 2015 I had gone full circle and returned to my beloved Bristol where I am now. I love it, the culture, music, art, creativity, and, of course, the pie!


44 55

Super cute Dolly What Not cactus pin cushions 



Handmade linocuts by Striped Pebble



Beautifully blue water paintings by Anna Smith Art


88 99

Originally I am from Devon and I love how the different places I have lived have created diversity in my work. Long gone are the days of fine art abstract photography with my focus and passion firmly on photographing people and families on location in their favourite places, new born babies in their home, weddings, occasions and milestones in people’s lives.


1010 1111 1313 DSC_9663-Laura CrouchleyDSC_9663-Laura Crouchley 1515 DSC_9705-Laura CrouchleyDSC_9705-Laura Crouchley 1414 Arts trail set 3Arts trail set 3


This year I found again the now named Southbank Bristol Arts Trail, (or it found me), I knew it would right up my street, literally.

Having good intentions of showcasing a roundup blog of my favourite images at the start of the year, (and finding that time was never on my side), I thought I could do this in print for the Arts Trail. Also, I rarely get the chance to print my work, frame and hang it from the wall so I thought this is the perfect opportunity to do just that.

So off I went on the titanic task of hunting through thousands of photos and foraging for an assortment of frames from friends and local charity shops, I eventually settled on about 60 prints which were firm favourites of mine. The work didn’t stop there as I moved on to cleaning the frames and sizing the prints to, finally, displaying them on the wall.


DSC_9913-Laura CrouchleyDSC_9913-Laura Crouchley DSC_9777-Laura CrouchleyDSC_9777-Laura Crouchley DSC_9858-Laura CrouchleyDSC_9858-Laura Crouchley DSC_9646-Laura CrouchleyDSC_9646-Laura Crouchley DSC_9911-Laura CrouchleyDSC_9911-Laura Crouchley DSC_9983-Laura CrouchleyDSC_9983-Laura Crouchley DSC_9880-Laura CrouchleyDSC_9880-Laura Crouchley

With help from my amazing friends we cleaned the house, blew up balloons, hung bunting, put up posters and chalked the nearby roads and enjoyed a wonderful weekend in the sun.

Special thanks to my friends Kate & Gemma and little Flo for all their efforts.

Thanks to The Southbank Bristol Arts Trail and I look forward to taking part again next year. 


To see my some of my favourites (not in print) click here...







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My 2015 Roundup  

Here it is - better late than never - my 2015 roundup blog post, with some of my favourite 2015 images.

Over the past few weeks I have been going through thousands of my pictures and narrowing down some of my favourites; this is possibly the largest collection of pictures in one of my blog posts yet. 2015 bought such a mix of shoots. I was thrilled to hear from past wedding and lifestyle clients, and asked to photograph their baby's first birthday, their baby bump and then their new born. It was lovely to see and document more special moments in their lives.

Looking back over the last year reminds me of why I choose to do what I do. I see lots of highlights in front of me and all in one place :)

2016 is already shaping up to be an awesome year. Thank you to all my clients, family and friends for their support.

Happy belated new year. Warning!! visual overload! x


Laura Crouchley-226Laura Crouchley-226 Laura Crouchley_DSC7264Laura Crouchley_DSC7264 2015 best of, blog set 182015 best of, blog set 18 Laura Crouchley-222Laura Crouchley-222 2015 best of, blog set 342015 best of, blog set 34 Laura Crouchley-116 2Laura Crouchley-116 2 2015 best o, blog set 12015 best o, blog set 1 Laura Crouchley-5310Laura Crouchley-5310 Laura Crouchley-184Laura Crouchley-184 2015 best of, blog set 122015 best of, blog set 12 Laura Crouchley-20 3Laura Crouchley-20 3 Laura Crouchley-6 2Laura Crouchley-6 2 2015 best of, blog set 22015 best of, blog set 2 Laura Crouchley-336Laura Crouchley-336 Laura Crouchley-210Laura Crouchley-210 Laura Crouchley-58 4 copyLaura Crouchley-58 4 copy 2015 best of, blog set 252015 best of, blog set 25 Laura Crouchley-367Laura Crouchley-367 2015 best of, blog set 32015 best of, blog set 3 Laura Crouchley-67Laura Crouchley-67 Laura Crouchley-557Laura Crouchley-557 Laura Crouchley-24 copyLaura Crouchley-24 copy 2015 best of, blog set 42015 best of, blog set 4 Laura Crouchley-38 2Laura Crouchley-38 2 _DSC3304_DSC3304 2015 best of, blog set 232015 best of, blog set 23 Laura Crouchley-111 copyLaura Crouchley-111 copy Laura Crouchley-346Laura Crouchley-346 2015 best of, blog set 152015 best of, blog set 15 Laura Crouchley-84Laura Crouchley-84 Laura Crouchley-42Laura Crouchley-42 2015 best of, blog set 82015 best of, blog set 8 Laura Crouchley-5355Laura Crouchley-5355 Laura Crouchley-386Laura Crouchley-386 2015 best of, blog set 192015 best of, blog set 19 Laura Crouchley-22Laura Crouchley-22 2015 best of, blog set 142015 best of, blog set 14 Laura Crouchley-336Laura Crouchley-336 2015 best of, blog set 92015 best of, blog set 9 Laura Crouchley-320Laura Crouchley-320 Laura Crouchley-39 2Laura Crouchley-39 2 2015 best of, blog set 312015 best of, blog set 31 Laura Crouchley-89Laura Crouchley-89 Laura Crouchley-331Laura Crouchley-331 2015 best of, blog set 62015 best of, blog set 6 Laura Crouchley-364Laura Crouchley-364 2015 best of, blog set 72015 best of, blog set 7 Laura Crouchley-74Laura Crouchley-74 2015 best of, blog set 302015 best of, blog set 30 Laura Crouchley-341Laura Crouchley-341 _DSC3600_DSC3600 Laura Crouchley-37 copyLaura Crouchley-37 copy 2015 best of, blog set 52015 best of, blog set 5 Laura Crouchley-28Laura Crouchley-28 2015 best of, blog set 112015 best of, blog set 11 Laura Crouchley-8Laura Crouchley-8 Laura Crouchley-301Laura Crouchley-301 2015 best of, blog set 132015 best of, blog set 13 Laura Crouchley-699Laura Crouchley-699 Laura Crouchley-14 2Laura Crouchley-14 2 2015 best of, blog set 222015 best of, blog set 22 Laura Crouchley-93 2Laura Crouchley-93 2 2015 best of, blog set 322015 best of, blog set 32 Laura Crouchley-111 2Laura Crouchley-111 2 Laura Crouchley-3Laura Crouchley-3 2015 best of, blog set 162015 best of, blog set 16 Laura Crouchley-60Laura Crouchley-60 Laura Crouchley-161Laura Crouchley-161 2015 best of, blog set 172015 best of, blog set 17 Laura Crouchley-9Laura Crouchley-9 Laura Crouchley-75Laura Crouchley-75 2015 best of, blog set 202015 best of, blog set 20 Laura Crouchley-39Laura Crouchley-39 Laura Crouchley-271Laura Crouchley-271 2015 best of, blog set 262015 best of, blog set 26 Laura Crouchley-484Laura Crouchley-484 2015 best of, blog set 212015 best of, blog set 21 Laura Crouchley-175 copyLaura Crouchley-175 copy 2015 best of, blog set 332015 best of, blog set 33 Laura Crouchley-184 2Laura Crouchley-184 2 Laura Crouchley-148Laura Crouchley-148 2015 best of, blog set 242015 best of, blog set 24 Laura Crouchley-119 3Laura Crouchley-119 3 2015 best of, blog set 102015 best of, blog set 10 Laura Crouchley-310Laura Crouchley-310

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Victorian Christmas Fair I love Christmas and a Christmas fair. This one is pretty magical. Hillhead Farm in Ugborough's Victorian Christmas market was held in their Victorian farmyard with proper fires, roasted chestnuts, delicious home cooked food, crafts and gifts. It was a lovely day out for families to come and pick their tree, decorate Christmas cookies and see all the farm animals. I couldn't not take photos, there was such a warm fuzzy atmosphere, or maybe that was the mulled cider, but it kick started my Christmas spirit. I was also there helping sell some of my good friend Kate's beautiful Little Penn prints and cards.

See link below to view more fair pics. 

Merry Christmas! 

Laura Crouchley_DSC3946Laura Crouchley_DSC3946 Laura CrouchleyLaura CrouchleyXmas fair 3Laura CrouchleyLaura CrouchleyXmas fair 3 Laura Crouchley_DSC3657Laura Crouchley_DSC3657 Laura CrouchleyLaura CrouchleyXmas fair 7Laura CrouchleyLaura CrouchleyXmas fair 7 Laura Crouchley_DSC3697Laura Crouchley_DSC3697 Laura CrouchleyLaura Crouchley Xmas fair 11Laura CrouchleyLaura Crouchley Xmas fair 11 Laura CrouchleyLaura Crouchley Xmas fair 14Laura CrouchleyLaura Crouchley Xmas fair 14 Laura Crouchley_DSC3761Laura Crouchley_DSC3761 Laura CrouchleyLaura Crouchley Xmas fair 15Laura CrouchleyLaura Crouchley Xmas fair 15 Laura Crouchley_DSC3717Laura Crouchley_DSC3717 Laura CrouchleyXmas fair 2Laura CrouchleyXmas fair 2 Laura Crouchley_DSC3720Laura Crouchley_DSC3720 Laura CrouchleyLaura Crouchley Xmas fair 13Laura CrouchleyLaura Crouchley Xmas fair 13 Laura Crouchley_DSC3710Laura Crouchley_DSC3710 Laura CrouchleyLaura CrouchleyXmas fair 8Laura CrouchleyLaura CrouchleyXmas fair 8 Laura Crouchley_DSC3841Laura Crouchley_DSC3841 Laura Crouchleypt12Laura Crouchleypt12 Laura Crouchley_DSC3730Laura Crouchley_DSC3730 Laura CrouchleyLaura CrouchleyXmas fair 4Laura CrouchleyLaura CrouchleyXmas fair 4 Laura Crouchley_DSC3820Laura Crouchley_DSC3820 Laura CrouchleyXmas fair 6Laura CrouchleyXmas fair 6 Laura Crouchley_DSC3822Laura Crouchley_DSC3822 Laura CrouchleyLaura Crouchley Xmas fair 12Laura CrouchleyLaura Crouchley Xmas fair 12 Laura Crouchley_DSC3767Laura Crouchley_DSC3767 Laura CrouchleyLaura Crouchley Xmas fair 10Laura CrouchleyLaura Crouchley Xmas fair 10 Laura Crouchley_DSC3807Laura Crouchley_DSC3807 Laura CrouchleyLaura CrouchleyXmas fair 9Laura CrouchleyLaura CrouchleyXmas fair 9 Laura Crouchley_DSC3796Laura Crouchley_DSC3796

]]> (Laura Crouchley) Christmas Christmas Fair Christmas time Devon Devon fair Fair Laura Crouchley Photography Ugborough Ugborough Devon Victorian Christmas Fair Tue, 15 Dec 2015 16:42:42 GMT
Hello Autumn I love autumn, crunchy leaves, collecting conkers and cones like a little kid, the rich's such a stunning time of year for photos out and about giving a beautiful backdrop. I've been busy editing my autumn photo shoots but managed to take a few personal snaps in the garden and local woods making the most of my macro lens. 


Laura Crouchley_DSC0607Laura Crouchley_DSC0607 Laura Crouchley_DSC0671Laura Crouchley_DSC0671 Laura Crouchley_DSC0615Laura Crouchley_DSC0615 Laura Crouchley_DSC0618Laura Crouchley_DSC0618 Autumn 2015, Blog comp 1Autumn 2015, Blog comp 1 Laura Crouchley_DSC0661Laura Crouchley_DSC0661 Laura Crouchley_DSC0645Laura Crouchley_DSC0645 Laura Crouchley_DSC0637Laura Crouchley_DSC0637 Autumn 2015, Blog comp 2Autumn 2015, Blog comp 2 Laura Crouchley_DSC0644Laura Crouchley_DSC0644 Laura Crouchley_DSC0660Laura Crouchley_DSC0660 Laura Crouchley_DSC0664Laura Crouchley_DSC0664 Autumn 2015, Blog comp 3Autumn 2015, Blog comp 3 Laura Crouchley_DSC1456Laura Crouchley_DSC1456 Laura Crouchley_DSC0674Laura Crouchley_DSC0674 Laura Crouchley_DSC0677Laura Crouchley_DSC0677 Laura Crouchley_DSC0680Laura Crouchley_DSC0680 Laura Crouchley_DSC0688Laura Crouchley_DSC0688 Autumn 2015, Blog comp 4Autumn 2015, Blog comp 4 Laura Crouchley_DSC0773Laura Crouchley_DSC0773 Autumn 2015, Blog comp 6Autumn 2015, Blog comp 6 Laura Crouchley_DSC0772Laura Crouchley_DSC0772 Autumn 2015, Blog comp 5Autumn 2015, Blog comp 5 Laura Crouchley_DSC0774Laura Crouchley_DSC0774 Laura Crouchley_DSC0732Laura Crouchley_DSC0732 Autumn 2015, Blog comp 7Autumn 2015, Blog comp 7 Laura Crouchley_DSC0790Laura Crouchley_DSC0790 Laura Crouchley_DSC1439Laura Crouchley_DSC1439 Autumn 2015, Blog comp 8Autumn 2015, Blog comp 8 Laura Crouchley_DSC1435Laura Crouchley_DSC1435 Laura Crouchley_DSC0792Laura Crouchley_DSC0792 Autumn 2015, Blog comp 9Autumn 2015, Blog comp 9 Laura Crouchley_DSC1437Laura Crouchley_DSC1437 Autumn 2015, Blog comp 10Autumn 2015, Blog comp 10 Laura Crouchley_DSC1446Laura Crouchley_DSC1446 Autumn 2015, Blog comp 11Autumn 2015, Blog comp 11


]]> (Laura Crouchley) Autumn Autumn time Autumnal Devon In the garden Laura Crouchley Photography Woods Tue, 27 Oct 2015 23:33:19 GMT
Looe Music Festival 2015 Last month I was lucky enough to be on the Photography team at Looe Music Festival in Cornwall. The festival is set on the stunning Cornish coast and takes place throughout the fishing town, from the beach to the quay and most of the pubs and street corners in between.

 There was an intimate, relaxed vibe which hit me as soon as I arrived and I was in my, the beach, dancing, pasties, cider, a festival made for me. Wondering around the town was like a magical journey of discovery, pubs, restaurants, cafes, the alleyways, everywhere was a venue. I met some lovely people over the weekend, festival goers old and new and from near and far.  I discovered love for new bands and generally had a ball. A highlight to end my summer, roll on next year!

Thanks to the sun for shining, Amy Sampson for getting me on the team and my lovely boyfriend and assistant for the weekend Edd.xx

LMF, Blog comp 1LMF, Blog comp 1 LMF, Blog comp 3LMF, Blog comp 3 LMF, Blog comp 4LMF, Blog comp 4 LMF, Blog comp 8bLMF, Blog comp 8b LMF, Blog comp 5LMF, Blog comp 5 LMF, Blog comp 6LMF, Blog comp 6 LMF, Blog comp 9LMF, Blog comp 9 LMF, Blog comp 7LMF, Blog comp 7 LMF, Blog comp 10LMF, Blog comp 10 LMF, Blog comp 12LMF, Blog comp 12 LMF, Blog comp 11LMF, Blog comp 11 LMF, Blog comp 13LMF, Blog comp 13 LMF, Blog comp 14LMF, Blog comp 14 LMF, Blog comp 15LMF, Blog comp 15 LMF, Blog comp 16LMF, Blog comp 16 LMF, Blog comp 20LMF, Blog comp 20 LMF, Blog comp 17LMF, Blog comp 17 LMF, Blog comp 18LMF, Blog comp 18 LMF, Blog comp 21LMF, Blog comp 21 LMF, Blog comp 19LMF, Blog comp 19 LMF, Blog comp 23LMF, Blog comp 23 LMF, Blog comp 22LMF, Blog comp 22

To view more click here.

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Laura and Darryl Laura and Darryl found the perfect location not far from their new home together for their day, The Horniman Museum and Gardens, a place they loved and a beautiful bit of green in the city. The ceremony took place in the elegant Grade II Listed Victorian Conservatory, a photographer's dream to capture with it's geometric lines and natural light. 

Effortlessly stylish and elegant would be the words I'd use to sum up their day. So much thought had gone into every detail, from Laura's beautiful vintage 1950's dress, the cake (made by Laura herself) and the subtle quirky references in the tables decorations to their travels together. The couple also bought their love of gardening into the day with luscious shades of green seen in the herb bouquets, plant favours for guests to take away and a thumb print tree guest book.

After the ceremony guests were able to explore the grounds with it's incredible views over London whilst a jazz duo played at the bandstand. Just before the group photo, Laura discovered a caterpillar climbing up Darryl's suit, a very cute little chance encounter, just the kind I love to capture.

The last part of the evening was hosted by Ronnie Scotts Rejects a swing, soul and funk party band. The couple had prepared a surprise Lindy Hop first dance which went down a treat.

Loved their day, a real pleasure to photograph. As always, a big thank you to Amybeth for her awesome assisting and support.xx


]]> (Laura Crouchley) Bride Bride and Groom Couple Laura Crouchley Photography London London Wedding Love Marriage The Horniman Museum and Gardens Wedding Tue, 04 Aug 2015 17:39:32 GMT
Ugborough Fair Some personal snaps from a fun day at the fair. 

]]> (Laura Crouchley) Devon Fair Laura Crouchley Photography Ugborough Ugborough Fair Tue, 28 Jul 2015 10:39:32 GMT
Martha and Stuart ♥ I've known Martha and Stuart for a few years now after meeting them as a student in Bristol. They're such a lovely fun couple and I was super chuffed when they asked me to photograph their wedding. My first question was, would there be kilts!? Stuart was my first Scottish groom :)

The day took place in Suffolk where Martha grew up, I loved taking Martha's getting ready photos at her parents gorgeously painted terracotta home. The ceremony was held at All Saint's Church just up the road, a beautifully quaint church surrounded by lush Suffolk countryside. A touching service, followed by beautiful singing by the couples friend singer/ song writer Luke Sital-Singh, I must admit I shed a tear...or two.

After the ceremony all made their way to The Edwardstone White Horse Inn, a traditional Suffolk pub situated on the edge of Constable Country, in the small village of Edwardstone. With it's wonderful homemade food, beer from it's own brewery and super cute holiday chalets for the newly weds and camping facilities for their guests, it was the perfect venue.

I especially love the colours of their day, the rich reds, oranges and greens. I do love a country wedding! As always, a massive big ups to my partner in crime Amybeth for all her hard work assisting. 

Happy anniversary lovelies! xx  

Dress: Justin Alexander Hair: The Hair Lounge Make up: Felicity Sheldon Flowers: Mary Ashby Ceremony: All Saints Church Reception: The Edwardstone White Horse Inn Laura Crouchley-123Laura Crouchley-123


]]> (Laura Crouchley) Bride Bride and Groom Couple Laura Crouchley Photography Love Marriage Suffolk Suffolk Wedding Wedding Wedding Photography Thu, 02 Jul 2015 16:31:11 GMT
Sophie and Michael's Sonning Lock Engagement Shoot On a lovely sunny day a few weeks ago, I met with Sophie and Michael for an engagement photo shoot. We popped to a quaint little pub where Michael will be staying the night before their wedding day and apparently where George Clooney had been recently! Then we pondered along the beautiful canal at Sonning Lock which is just down from the church they'll be married at in less than two months time! After a quick lunch and a yummy packet of M&S Percy Pigs at their home in Reading I met Frank, their cute little rabbit. Of course I couldn't resist taking his photograph too. 

I can't wait to photograph their wedding in August, it's going to be a stunner!xx


pt13pt13 Laura Crouchley-4Laura Crouchley-4 S&M, Blog post 2S&M, Blog post 2 Laura Crouchley-11Laura Crouchley-11 S&M, Blog post 3S&M, Blog post 3 Laura Crouchley-12Laura Crouchley-12 Laura Crouchley-16Laura Crouchley-16 Laura Crouchley-19Laura Crouchley-19 S&M, Blog post 4S&M, Blog post 4 Laura Crouchley-30Laura Crouchley-30 S&M, Blog post 7S&M, Blog post 7 Laura Crouchley-41Laura Crouchley-41 S&M, Blog post 5S&M, Blog post 5 S&M, Blog post 6S&M, Blog post 6 S&M, Blog post 8S&M, Blog post 8 S&M, Blog post 9S&M, Blog post 9 Laura Crouchley-64Laura Crouchley-64 S&M, Blog post 10S&M, Blog post 10 Laura Crouchley-90Laura Crouchley-90 Laura Crouchley-95Laura Crouchley-95 Laura Crouchley-96Laura Crouchley-96


]]> (Laura Crouchley) Couple Engagement Engagement photo shoot Laura Crouchley Photography Love Pre wedding Pre wedding photo shoot Sonning Lock Thu, 18 Jun 2015 18:11:02 GMT
Happy Anniversary Rachel and Chris Happy first wedding anniversary to Rachel and Chris who were married a year ago today at The Moorland Garden Hotel. Beautiful couple, stunning setting and the best, best mans speech I've heard and photographed so far! A great day full of tears and so much fun!

Here is just a reminder of some of the images I captured on their

Oh and thank you to the awesome Fiona Morgan for her top form assisting. xx

Dress: Sam Cox Venue: The Moorland Garden Hotel Hair: Naomi Baines Make up: Oksana Flowers: Caroline Hallett (family friend)


_DSC8728c_DSC8728c Laura Crouchley-9435sq2Laura Crouchley-9435sq2 Rachel & Chris, blog set3Rachel & Chris, blog set3 Laura Crouchley-9184sqbLaura Crouchley-9184sqb Laura Crouchley-9201cLaura Crouchley-9201c Laura Crouchley_DSC9923sq3Laura Crouchley_DSC9923sq3 9965BWc9965BWc Laura Crouchley_DSC9930sqbLaura Crouchley_DSC9930sqb Laura Crouchley_DSC0028sqLaura Crouchley_DSC0028sq Laura Crouchley-0480sqLaura Crouchley-0480sq


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They say never work with children or animals.....but I rather like to. An afternoon with baby Chloe, Toby the Cocker Spaniel and Nibbles the school pet rabbit.x

Chloe set 1Chloe set 1 Nibbles set 1Nibbles set 1 Chloe and nibblesChloe and nibbles Chloe set 2Chloe set 2 Chloe set 3Chloe set 3   Chloe and nibbles 1Chloe and nibbles 1   TobyToby


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Brian A few of my favourites of the very photogenic Brian. Brian has recently taken up singing and has been encouraged to get out there and is now singing in local pubs and club in Devon. Wishing him lots of luck! x

]]> (Laura Crouchley) Laura Crouchley Photography Portrait Portraits Singer Tue, 14 Apr 2015 22:38:38 GMT
A True Story Meet Bella and Filippo, "A True Story" A Funk/ Jazz/ Soul acoustic duo. 

Here's some pics I shot of them back in March. During the shoot they where mostly trying to come up with their now name "A True Story" which I think is just perfect. Big ups to my wonderful friend Jayne for her last minute stand in assisting. 

So if you fancy a chilled evening filled with beautiful music check them out! Next gig 24th June at The Blind Bee, London. 

]]> (Laura Crouchley) A True Story Acoustic Band Duo Filippo Dall'Asta Isabella Levina Lueen Laura Crouchley Photography Musicians Mon, 13 Apr 2015 10:00:00 GMT