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I've been meaning to blog this wedding for a while now but with it being peak wedding season there has been little time to sit still. Hannah and Ed recently celebrated their one year anniversary and I wanted to take a bit of time to reminisce and share their day, an absolute favourite from last year in their home town of Winchester.

I met Hannah when I moved back to Bristol, and knowing she was a photography student at UWE, I was honoured when she asked me to photograph her day.

The ceremony took place right in the heart of the city at Winchester Registry Office in the elegant Basing Room. After an emotional ceremony we made the most of the surrounding historic buildings with photos on the steps and outside the The Great Hall.  

Greeted with bubbles to their reception, Itchen Abbas and Avington Village Hall was completely transformed into a colourful delight with home made paper flowers, pom poms, balloons, Mexican day of the dead bunting, vintage tea cups and wild flowers. Before speeches guests tucked into a very English spread of sandwiches and tea, then out on the lawn where spoilt with delicious homemade ice cream and some seriously good wood-fired pizza served from a converted Land Rover.

I loved the glits of Hannah's dress, her beautiful vibrant flowers made by her Mum's friend and Ed's Peeky Blinders styled suit, complete with pocket watch. The detailed colourful cake with Mexican day of the dead cake topper, and all together the whole way the day unfolded, wonderfully relaxed with lots of treats, fun and games.

Thanks Hannah and Ed for choosing me to photograph your day and happy belated anniversary.xx


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Venues: Winchester Registry Office and Itchen Abbas and Avington Village Hall

Dress: Phase 8 

Hair: Hair-boutique 

Bridesmaids Dresses: Little Mistress and ASOS

Suit: Moss Bros 

Pocket watch: Rapport London 

Cake: Cake Fairy's Bakery

Bell tent: JoJo Bell Tents

Afternoon Tea: Cuppacheeno

Ice Cream: Sundaes Child 

Pizza: Born and Raised Pizza


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