Laura Crouchley Photography: Blog en-us (C) Laura Crouchley Photography (Laura Crouchley Photography) Fri, 02 Apr 2021 11:34:00 GMT Fri, 02 Apr 2021 11:34:00 GMT Laura Crouchley Photography: Blog 90 120 The year we stayed at home It’s now just over a year since all this madness began, since all our lives changed and I don't think anyone had any idea we would still be where we are today. I still find it hard to fathom it all. 

But here we still are, and instead of sharing a beautiful wedding, I am looking back to last year and beginning this blog post with an image of a beautiful (and precious at the time) quilted loo roll, in what was my old and not so beautiful bathroom.

During the first lockdown I wondered my local neighbourhood and the empty streets of Bristol city centre with my camera (in my allowed exercise time of course). It was eerie, yet peaceful, solemn, yet sparked with little bits of life and light, like the colourful rainbows and messages of hope in people’s windows. On my walks I saw so much creativity and support. Teddy bear hunts with teddies placed in windows for children to spot on their walks, chalked messages of hope on pavements and games like hopscotch, which I just couldn’t walk past without a hop, skip and a jump. Self-help books left out for passers by to take, and caring messages stuck to lampposts just asking, are you ok?

Now three lockdowns in, we’ve almost settled into lockdown living, Netflix, group video calls, essential shopping trips with the adapted phone, wallet, keys… mask check on our way out the door. Although we now don't have a shortage of loo rolls and pasta, there is still so much missing in our lives and winter lockdown days have been hard. The first lockdown was scary, unknown days and weeks, which turned into months. I’d forgotten how surprisingly busy I was back then, working night shifts at my local supermarket, moving house and also volunteering with a catering company I used to work for, working for the organisation Food4Heroes, distributing meals for NHS workers on the frontline.

Looking back at these snaps I took a year ago now, it was Spring that helped light up those days. So, this Sunday the clocks are changing which means longer days, picnics, dreamy evenings, and soon six people can meet outdoors and summer is coming!! I’m over the moon to be able to get back to work next week photographing families again, and weddings will be slowly back on the scene and hopefully in full swing come the end of June.

Hoping that we're now heading in the right direction.

Stay Covid safe, and I am looking forward to a big party when this is finally over, we all deserve it.xx

DSC_0599DSC_0599 DSC_0587DSC_0587 DSC_0589DSC_0589 DSC_0745DSC_0745 DSC_0732DSC_0732 DSC_0701DSC_0701 DSC_0593DSC_0593 DSC_0736DSC_0736 DSC_0743DSC_0743 DSC_0744DSC_0744 18-Laura Crouchley18-Laura Crouchley 27-Laura Crouchley27-Laura Crouchley 36-Laura Crouchley36-Laura Crouchley DSC_0766DSC_0766 DSC_0770DSC_0770 DSC_0777DSC_0777 DSC_0906DSC_0906 DSC_1042DSC_1042 DSC_1054DSC_1054 DSC_1066DSC_1066 DSC_1149DSC_1149 DSC_7368DSC_7368 DSC_7372DSC_7372 DSC_7382DSC_7382 DSC_7386DSC_7386 DSC_7389DSC_7389 DSC_7392DSC_7392 DSC_7395DSC_7395 DSC_7397DSC_7397 DSC_7404DSC_7404 DSC_7419DSC_7419 DSC_7477DSC_7477 DSC_7441DSC_7441 DSC_7447DSC_7447 DSC_7450DSC_7450 DSC_7460DSC_7460 DSC_7467DSC_7467 DSC_7472DSC_7472 DSC_7421DSC_7421 DSC_7487DSC_7487 DSC_7493DSC_7493 DSC_7508DSC_7508 DSC_7523DSC_7523 DSC_7528DSC_7528 DSC_7529DSC_7529 DSC_7531DSC_7531 DSC_7534DSC_7534 DSC_7537DSC_7537 DSC_7577DSC_7577 DSC_7596DSC_7596 DSC_7605DSC_7605 DSC_7613DSC_7613 DSC_7614DSC_7614 DSC_7617DSC_7617 DSC_7619DSC_7619 DSC_7625DSC_7625 DSC_7639DSC_7639 DSC_7649DSC_7649 DSC_7654DSC_7654 DSC_7655DSC_7655 DSC_7658DSC_7658 DSC_7673DSC_7673 DSC_7677DSC_7677 DSC_7686DSC_7686 DSC_7690DSC_7690 DSC_7700DSC_7700 DSC_7711DSC_7711 DSC_7712DSC_7712 DSC_7740DSC_7740 DSC_7747DSC_7747 DSC_7792DSC_7792 DSC_7823DSC_7823 DSC_7841DSC_7841 DSC_7873DSC_7873 DSC_7878DSC_7878 DSC_7881DSC_7881 DSC_7888DSC_7888 DSC_7891DSC_7891 DSC_7906DSC_7906 DSC_7924DSC_7924 DSC_7936DSC_7936 DSC_7998DSC_7998 DSC_8009DSC_8009 DSC_8020DSC_8020 DSC_8044DSC_8044 DSC_8070DSC_8070 DSC_8099DSC_8099 DSC_8108DSC_8108 DSC_8110DSC_8110 DSC_8116DSC_8116 DSC_8120DSC_8120 DSC_8123DSC_8123 DSC_8126DSC_8126 DSC_8146DSC_8146 DSC_8148DSC_8148






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2020 Fall, learn, build At this time of year, it's natural to start reflecting on the year gone by. And what a year 2020 was, eh!

This time last year I was getting all packed up for two months of travelling around India. On my travels, I remember seeing people in masks at airports and shrugging them off as unnecessary. Little did I know how lucky I was to return to the UK before the dreaded virus hit. I feel very fortunate I was able to take that trip, although it now feels like a very distance memory - one I must look back on one day soon.

2020 was a year of cancelled and rearranged plans, staying in, no work and too much work. A most traumatic time for small businesses and the self-employed, with the government regulations bringing much of the wedding and events industry to its knees.

The virus has affected us all in different ways and my heart goes out to those who have lost loved ones and been physically and mentally ill. Personally, I feel lucky to have been able to see my family in between lockdowns and over Christmas, but it certainly wasn't an easy year. A house move during lockdown, weddings cancelled with payments refunded and three temporary jobs to help keep me afloat. Despite the struggles, I've found over the years I have developed an ability to adapt and survive. My resilience has got me this far and I've been comforted by meeting others in a similar position. I generally felt useful working and volunteering during a pandemic and have made new friends.

Focusing on my business positives, 2020 was the year I was able to lean on my family and baby photography. I've been photographing families and babies alongside weddings for years now. It's something I love but have always left in the background. This year I was able bring it into the foreground of my work with a few wonderful sessions in between lockdowns.

Somehow against all odds some people still had their 2020 wedding and I was delighted to photograph three. These were intimate, small events that were extra special to be apart of and I also feel privileged to have documented a period of time in our history that we certainly shall not forget.

With Monday’s inevitable lockdown announcement, I must admit I have struggled to find the motivation and positivity to finish writing this blog. Yet, looking through some of my favourite 2020 images, I'm reminded that despite the madness there were a lot of joyful moments and hopefully 2021 will bring many more.

I'm not sure what’s going to happen in the next few months but I'll be trying hard to put energy back into my business. I have hope. I'm looking forward to better, safer times, being reunited with friends, dancing, gigs, festivals, and photographing more weddings again of course!!

I usually try to escape to some sunshine in January but obviously not this year. Instead, I’ll be doing my tax return, looking for work and hanging in there and holding fast, and I hope you are too.

Thank you to everyone who has supported my one-woman band in the past and future. 

Stay safe and here's to a better year!xx

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Sturtlebury Barn Spring Style Shoot It's been a crazy, weird and unsettling few months. Life has been turned upside down and my heart goes out to those couples that have had to postpone their wedding day this year.

I am proud of my little business built entirely on my own and it's personally devastating to not be able to shoot weddings or family sessions for months, but I am fit, healthy and resilient.

We have all been affected by the virus in so many different ways. It's butterfly effect is massive and on-going, but it's so important to stay safe, live in the moment, appreciate each day as it comes and be as kind as you can.

With wedding season on hold, I hoped to use this time to edit my photographs from my recent trip to India, a trip I realise I was so lucky to go and come back from. I wanted to get blogging, update my website and generally look back, reflect and see how far I have come, but since taking on a temporary job in my local supermarket working nights, I'm adjusting to my own new slightly upside down world, not staying home as many of us are. In the sunny days we've been lucky enough to have recently, in between my shifts I've needed some vitamin D, and also realised how important it has been for me take a bit of time for some self-care. I have wondered the empty streets of Bristol alone with my camera, reminding me how much I love my city and what I do (I hope to share some of these images soon).

I'm writing this on a rainy day, I quite like the odd rainy day; rain freshens everything up, makes me sit still (a little) and gets me blogging. Today I've been taking a bit of time to look back at a wonderful little style shoot I organised this time last year at South Devon's stunning new venue, Sturtlebury Barn where my sister got married in 2018. Owners of the barn Rich and Elaine welcomed me back last spring and I had my own style shoot, which I decided to put together with an amazing team to talented ladies. 

Style shoots are oh so very different to a usual wedding day, but a chance to create specific images, be the perfectionist I am, work with wonderful like minded creatives and share and spark ideas off each other. Working together, the aim was to highlight our skills showing off beautiful wedding dresses, our gorgeous inside and out model Abi and this stunning Devon venue.

With only a few emails sent back and forth sharing photos of the barn and my ideas, this wonderful team where the backbone in making my vision come alive. Stephanie dyed and styled model Abi's light pastel pink hair which I adored. Shelley created fabulous floristry, the most stunning bouquets and a delicate boho style floral headpiece. Make up artist Nic gave Abi a natural and flawless look complimenting the perfectly fitting elegant dresses, lent to us from Danielle at Rock the Frock Bridal, we where all set.

I'm a fan of keeping things simple, our overall look was one of modern minimalism and subtle detail allowing the venues and it's beauty natural surroundings to shine. Spoilt for choice, the Barn effortlessly provided us with a multitude of beautiful backdrops. Overlooking the River Avon, the barn is nestled in a valley with jaw-dropping views amongst winding country lanes, blossom trees and rolling fields. I hadn't planned many shots inside but to my delight the barns contemporary and rustic interior gave plenty of inspiration and was the perfect contrast to the green outdoors.

Shelley and Nic aka Courtney & Hutch team up as super stylists; here they brought the wedding decorations and little details together for me inside the barn. The barns long banquet tables where styled with gold crockery, patterned tableware and luxe accessories, an art deco edge with a glamorous twist. My talented friend Kate also illustrated floral-inspired stationary, stone place names, and iced shortbread favours delicately hand drawn on with edible pen, so pretty and unique.

The day of our shoot was grey and rainy, you know... "That fine rain that soaks you through. It's spitting! it's spitting" (Pete Kay) Once we got started, brollies at the ready, I quickly remembered how beautiful flat light is on a overcast day and so flattering, something always worth reminding myself and others. My favourite of our images has to be Abi sitting pretty on a vintage coral armchair discovered by Nic. Again, an unplanned shot, I love that lane spiralling up and the sheep you can just make out in the background, so gloriously green, so Devon. We had a giggle shooting this with us all and the chair having to quickly get in the hedge when cars came by.

Only my third style shoot, I loved it and learnt so much. Please see the very bottom of the blog for a link to so a small feature we had in Wed Magazine last year.

Next year I'd love to shoot another style photo shoot in complete contrast in my home city Bristol, so please get in touch if you are a Bristol venue or wedding supplier and would like to be apart of a relaxed and fun wedding styled shoot.

Stay safe and keep smiling :)

p.s ..... 2021 weddings are going to be epic!xx

11:DSC_1755-Laura Crouchley11:DSC_1755-Laura Crouchley DSC_1772-Laura CrouchleyDSC_1772-Laura Crouchley 10:DSC_1850-Laura Crouchley10:DSC_1850-Laura Crouchley DSC_1880-Laura CrouchleyDSC_1880-Laura Crouchley 1:DSC_1764-Laura Crouchley1:DSC_1764-Laura Crouchley DSC_1865-Laura CrouchleyDSC_1865-Laura Crouchley DSC_1785-Laura CrouchleyDSC_1785-Laura Crouchley 12:DSC_1801-Laura Crouchley12:DSC_1801-Laura Crouchley 5:DSC_7102-Laura Crouchley5:DSC_7102-Laura Crouchley 7:DSC_7104-Laura Crouchley7:DSC_7104-Laura Crouchley 2:DSC_1751-Laura Crouchley2:DSC_1751-Laura Crouchley DSC_7020-Laura CrouchleyDSC_7020-Laura Crouchley 17:DSC_7298-Laura Crouchley17:DSC_7298-Laura Crouchley DSC_2498-Laura CrouchleyDSC_2498-Laura Crouchley 16:DSC_7125-Laura Crouchley16:DSC_7125-Laura Crouchley 3:DSC_2109-Laura Crouchley3:DSC_2109-Laura Crouchley DSC_2006-Laura Crouchley-2DSC_2006-Laura Crouchley-2 DSC_7111-Laura CrouchleyDSC_7111-Laura Crouchley DSC_7216-Laura CrouchleyDSC_7216-Laura Crouchley 6:DSC_2224-Laura Crouchley6:DSC_2224-Laura Crouchley DSC_1858-Laura CrouchleyDSC_1858-Laura Crouchley 14:DSC_7086-Laura Crouchley14:DSC_7086-Laura Crouchley 4:DSC_2112-Laura Crouchley4:DSC_2112-Laura Crouchley DSC_2127-Laura CrouchleyDSC_2127-Laura Crouchley 19b:DSC_1826-Laura Crouchley19b:DSC_1826-Laura Crouchley 15:DSC_1928-Laura Crouchley15:DSC_1928-Laura Crouchley DSC_2136-Laura CrouchleyDSC_2136-Laura Crouchley 8:DSC_1838-Laura Crouchley8:DSC_1838-Laura Crouchley

Feature in Wed Magazine:


Venue - Sturtlebury Barn

Styling - Courtney & Hutch

Flowers - Shelley Hutcheon, Oakenham

Make-up - Nic Courtney

Model - Abigail Read

Dresses - Danielle, Rock the Frock Bridal at The Wedding Hub

Hair - Stephanie Davis

Stationary - Kate Pennington-Wilson, Little Penn Illustration



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Jamie & Amy - Bristol Jamie and Amy, aww what can I say, these two certainly didn't let it rain on their parade.

The day started with giggles with the bridesmaids at the on-site cottage at Tracy Park Estate near Wick in South Gloucestershire. Brollies at the ready, the girls dashed to the 1958 Humber Hawk classic car for the short journey to the church just down the road in Doynton. Usher Neil (on umbrella duty) sheltered guests as they made their way into the church, while Jamie waited nervously at the alter with his brother and best man, Alex. Sparkling in her fairytale dress, Amy greeted Jamie, bringing an instant smile to his face. Following the intimate ceremony, the rain continued to belt down as guests ran to their cars, while Amy was whisked off her feet by the lads to the classic car. Back to Tracy Park they went to continue the celebrations

The Bridesmaids were rays of sunshine in their yellow dresses. I was glad to provide some mild entertainment for them whilst attempting a few photos from the outside in the storm, looking in, battling gale force winds and rain and an inside-out umbrella, with my lovely assistant Nagea.

Speeches upstairs in the Windsor Suit were heart-warming and left everyone very touched, listening to wonderful stories about the newly weds, feeling their love for one another and in particular seeing the close bond Jamie has with his brother, Alex.

While the wind and rain did not let up all day,  Jamie and Amy kept smiling through. If anything, the weather made the day even more memorable, intimate and romantic and some of my favourite photos are the ones where the couple and guests faced and embraced the elements. 

It truly was a day to remember with the rhyming couple Jamie and Amy. Congratulations again!

With all my love, Laura x

DSC_0939DSC_0939 DSC_0992DSC_0992 DSC_1016DSC_1016 DSC_1047DSC_1047 DSC_5350DSC_5350 DSC_1021DSC_1021 DSC_1052DSC_1052 DSC_5358DSC_5358 DSC_1186DSC_1186 DSC_1136DSC_1136 DSC_1206DSC_1206 DSC_1217DSC_1217 DSC_1230DSC_1230 DSC_1226DSC_1226 DSC_5379DSC_5379 DSC_1289DSC_1289 DSC_1292DSC_1292 DSC_1389DSC_1389 DSC_5423DSC_5423 DSC_1455DSC_1455 DSC_1459DSC_1459 DSC_5446DSC_5446 DSC_5461DSC_5461 DSC_5463DSC_5463 DSC_1495DSC_1495 DSC_1563DSC_1563 DSC_1519DSC_1519 DSC_5511DSC_5511 DSC_1546DSC_1546 DSC_1596DSC_1596 DSC_1678DSC_1678 DSC_1719DSC_1719 DSC_1524DSC_1524 DSC_1761DSC_1761 DSC_1816DSC_1816 DSC_1853DSC_1853 DSC_1857DSC_1857 DSC_1871DSC_1871 DSC_1872DSC_1872 DSC_1897DSC_1897 DSC_1910DSC_1910 DSC_1920DSC_1920 DSC_1929DSC_1929 DSC_1962DSC_1962 DSC_1965DSC_1965 DSC_2009DSC_2009 DSC_2018DSC_2018 DSC_2107DSC_2107 DSC_2132DSC_2132 DSC_2121DSC_2121 DSC_2202DSC_2202 DSC_2205DSC_2205 DSC_2224DSC_2224 DSC_2218DSC_2218 DSC_2246DSC_2246 DSC_5613DSC_5613 DSC_2268DSC_2268 DSC_2292DSC_2292
      Supplier Credits:

Venue: Tracy Park Estate 

Dress - willowby by watters purchased through Flossy and Willow

Hair - Brides by friend Lisa Groves, Bridesmaids by Laura Turner

Flowers. Elly Bane

Car: Bath Classic Cars

Love letters lights: Holly Boo

DJ - Cadence



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Jim & Vic - Essex I met my lovely friends Jim and Vicki whilst working in a pub in London. A very special place where I not only found friends for life but found myself.

Behind the bar I remember these two flirting, and stories of turkey dinosaur and potato alfabite dinner dates, and recall Vic's Mum Sarah, glass of wine in hand, giving her approval and comparing Jim to a young James Dean.

The couple where inseparable, time flew by and after seven years together, Jim, now a professional beer brewer for Gipsy Hill Brewery, proposed to Vicki at Meat Loaf the musical. The brewery released a beer announcing their proposal with JIM N VIC 4EVA stamped on the bottom of all the beers canned that day. 

Their day was beautifully relaxed, set in Jim's Aunty and Uncle's never ending secret garden in the pretty town of Coggeshall in Essex. Vic and the girls took a nervous but excited short walk from a nearby hotel through the quaint high street, entering the garden ceremony where the couple read their own vows and were married by Jim's Uncle, Matt. With friends, family and familiar faces from pub times seated, I did what I love and snapped away hiding in the garden's greenery. After the ceremony, everyone helped carry benches to the bottom of the garden where the celebrations continued.

With an array of talented friends contributing to the day, florist friend Millie made Vicki and her Bridesmaids stunning wild flower bouquets and displayed flowers in cute vases on outside tables with copper pots Jim and Vic had made from piping from the brewery. Amongst the apple trees, guests mingled, admired the bespoke wedding rings made by friend Ella, and sipped delicious cocktails from the legendary cockney barman, Big Al.

Storm clouds hovered over the day and we all cosily huddled into the tipi when the rain poured down. We sheltered under shared umbrellas with new friends, and tucked into the scrummy bbq.

Vic's proud Mum Sarah, led the speeches with moving and adoring words for her daughter, and love for her new son-in-law Jim. This was followed by warm words from Vic's brother, Chris. Ben and Harry (Jim's brothers) then did a double act with plenty of stories and laughs.

Brewer, Groom Jim, of course had a well stocked bar and his Mum Bridget made not one, not two but three cakes! Fed and well watered everyone hit the dance floor following the couples first dance to Prince, I would die for you.

It was so lovely both of see and photograph my friends get hitched, a beautiful moody romantic day to remember. Massive congratulations lovelies. Lots and lots of love. Laura xx

1-DSC_97511-DSC_9751 5-DSC_98025-DSC_9802 7-DSC_98277-DSC_9827 8-DSC_98478-DSC_9847 9-DSC_98839-DSC_9883 10-DSC_988610-DSC_9886 12-DSC_991912-DSC_9919 13-DSC_992313-DSC_9923 15-DSC_496515-DSC_4965 17-DSC_994217-DSC_9942 20-DSC_998220-DSC_9982 21-DSC_998321-DSC_9983 22-DSC_999622-DSC_9996 23-DSC_000323-DSC_0003 24-DSC_000724-DSC_0007 25-DSC_001725-DSC_0017 26-DSC_002026-DSC_0020 27-DSC_002527-DSC_0025 28-DSC_497628-DSC_4976 29-DSC_498029-DSC_4980 30-DSC_497830-DSC_4978 31-DSC_003431-DSC_0034 32-DSC_003832-DSC_0038 33-DSC_498733-DSC_4987 34-DSC_499534-DSC_4995 35-DSC_499735-DSC_4997 36-DSC_501136-DSC_5011 37-DSC_501237-DSC_5012 38-DSC_502538-DSC_5025 39-DSC_502439-DSC_5024 40-DSC_502840-DSC_5028 41-DSC_503641-DSC_5036 42-DSC_503942-DSC_5039 43-DSC_006743-DSC_0067 44-DSC_504144-DSC_5041 45-DSC_504945-DSC_5049 46-DSC_505046-DSC_5050 47-DSC_505747-DSC_5057 48-DSC_506648-DSC_5066 49-DSC_007449-DSC_0074 50-DSC_008050-DSC_0080 51-DSC_008251-DSC_0082 53-DSC_009553-DSC_0095 54-DSC_010454-DSC_0104 55-DSC_013055-DSC_0130 56-DSC_016556-DSC_0165 57-DSC_014657-DSC_0146 58-DSC_013958-DSC_0139 59-DSC_015959-DSC_0159 60-DSC_014060-DSC_0140 61-DSC_018561-DSC_0185 62-DSC_014862-DSC_0148 64-DSC_018964-DSC_0189 65-DSC_019165-DSC_0191 66-DSC_019766-DSC_0197 67-DSC_020267-DSC_0202 68-DSC_021168-DSC_0211 69-DSC_021769-DSC_0217 70-DSC_022070-DSC_0220 71-DSC_023271-DSC_0232 72-DSC_023672-DSC_0236 73-DSC_024873-DSC_0248 74-DSC_029874-DSC_0298 75-DSC_025075-DSC_0250 77-DSC_030777-DSC_0307 78-DSC_032078-DSC_0320 79-DSC_036679-DSC_0366 80-DSC_037380-DSC_0373 81-DSC_037881-DSC_0378 82-DSC_039682-DSC_0396 83-DSC_512083-DSC_5120 84-DSC_040984-DSC_0409 85-DSC_512985-DSC_5129 86-DSC_513686-DSC_5136 87-DSC_042887-DSC_0428 88-DSC_516288-DSC_5162 89-DSC_516589-DSC_5165 90-DSC_519290-DSC_5192 91-DSC_519591-DSC_5195 92-DSC_045392-DSC_0453 93-DSC_521193-DSC_5211 94-DSC_047694-DSC_0476 95-DSC_048095-DSC_0480 96-DSC_049796-DSC_0497 97-DSC_049997-DSC_0499

Suppliers Credits:

Bridesmaid Dresses: Nice Things Paloma

Flowers: Millie Easton

Rings: Ella Bull

Tipi: 3 Diamond Tipi Hire

Food: BBQ Beer Brothers


]]> (Laura Crouchley Photography) Bride Bride and Groom Coggeshall Coggeshall Wedding Essex Essex Wedding Garden Wedding Laura Crouchley Photography Love Marriage Wedding Wedding Photographer Wedding Photography Thu, 19 Sep 2019 10:49:34 GMT
Emily and James - Devon Emily and James were married on a glorious day in June at one of my favourite Devon wedding venues; Dunwell Farm. The couple are my extended family. Emily is my sister's sister-in-law – and the seriously loved up couple are expecting their first child this October. It was a wonderfully relaxed day, full of fun and blessed with incredible weather.

Along with guests, I pitched my tent on the farm’s campsite the night before the big day, all set for my favourite kind of wedding: one that’s gloriously green, filled with sunshine, fun, family and friends down on the farm.

Ring bearer Jayden took charge on the megaphone, making sure everyone was ready for Emily's arrival in an army Jeep belonging to her father's friend. Emily’s sister-in-law (my sister) and niece lead the bridal party down the hill. Past the lambs they went, overlooking panoramic views of Dartmoor arriving at the most beautiful ceremony in the transformed sheep-barn.

Emily glowed throughout the ceremony – her hand gently resting on her baby bump. Through a shower of confetti the newly-weds lead their guests to the top field to continue the celebrations. Children played in the field and everyone sat at beautifully decorated tables with hand-grown cacti – wedding favours grown by James's mum herself.
The food was the best, all the favourites: pasties, a hog roast and even fish and chips!! Following a series of incredibly emotional speeches, tears were dried, heels kicked off and the partying began.

A work of art itself, the wedding cake was created by friend Verity Jane (The Cake-Up Artist) but the real 'icing on the cake' was seeing James's epic moves on the dance floor to the rhythms of The Swing Kings! Bringing some serious groves, soon the whole wedding party joined in, but I’d like to give a special shout-out to Harry! Hay-fever and swollen eyes aside, he was the life and soul of the party.

Congratulations Emily and James! I loved every minute. Lots and lots of love and I can't wait to meet baby Booker soon.xx

DSC_6769DSC_6769 DSC_6803DSC_6803 DSC_6804DSC_6804 DSC_6860DSC_6860 DSC_6960DSC_6960 DSC_6964DSC_6964 DSC_6982DSC_6982 DSC_6997DSC_6997 DSC_7002DSC_7002 DSC_7005DSC_7005 DSC_7010DSC_7010 DSC_7060DSC_7060 DSC_7088DSC_7088 DSC_7143DSC_7143 DSC_7160DSC_7160 DSC_7181DSC_7181 DSC_7201DSC_7201 DSC_7213-2DSC_7213-2 DSC_7222DSC_7222 DSC_7223DSC_7223 DSC_3102DSC_3102 DSC_7239DSC_7239 DSC_7268DSC_7268 DSC_7286DSC_7286 DSC_7289DSC_7289 DSC_7294DSC_7294 DSC_7299DSC_7299 DSC_7318DSC_7318 DSC_7338DSC_7338 DSC_7402DSC_7402 DSC_7413DSC_7413 DSC_7430DSC_7430 DSC_7437DSC_7437 DSC_7452DSC_7452 DSC_7454DSC_7454 DSC_7660DSC_7660 DSC_7669DSC_7669 DSC_7684DSC_7684 DSC_7726DSC_7726 DSC_7737DSC_7737 DSC_7765DSC_7765 DSC_7823DSC_7823 DSC_7847DSC_7847 DSC_7881DSC_7881 DSC_7886DSC_7886 DSC_7899DSC_7899 DSC_7905DSC_7905 DSC_7913DSC_7913 DSC_7914DSC_7914 DSC_7918DSC_7918 DSC_7936DSC_7936 DSC_3365DSC_3365 DSC_3404DSC_3404 DSC_3406DSC_3406 DSC_7966DSC_7966 DSC_3459DSC_3459 DSC_7974DSC_7974 DSC_3507DSC_3507 DSC_7999DSC_7999 DSC_3533DSC_3533 DSC_3556DSC_3556 DSC_3563DSC_3563 DSC_8020DSC_8020 DSC_3642DSC_3642 DSC_3694DSC_3694 DSC_8061DSC_8061 DSC_8073DSC_8073 DSC_8113DSC_8113 DSC_3731DSC_3731 DSC_8119DSC_8119 DSC_8131DSC_8131 DSC_8146DSC_8146 DSC_3793DSC_3793 DSC_3798DSC_3798 DSC_8279DSC_8279 DSC_8300DSC_8300 DSC_3886DSC_3886 DSC_3943DSC_3943 DSC_3982DSC_3982 DSC_4056DSC_4056 DSC_4161DSC_4161 DSC_4176DSC_4176 DSC_4186DSC_4186 DSC_4188DSC_4188 DSC_4213DSC_4213 DSC_4277DSC_4277 DSC_8433DSC_8433 DSC_8453DSC_8453 DSC_4329DSC_4329 DSC_4371DSC_4371

Suppliers Credits:

Venue: Dunwell Farm

Dress: Amy Heather Bridal Wear 

Hair: Katie and Charlie at Therapy Hair

Head piece: Hey Jules

Flowers: Oakenham

Marque and Hog Roast: Hire Class

Cake: Verity Jane - The Cake-Up Artist

Fish and Chips: Kingfisher

Band: The Swing Kings





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Carolyn and Carlos - Devon Carolyn and Carlos were married on World Ocean Day, a year to the day when the couple started their adventures becoming the first people in the world to paddle 12 marathons in 12 countries in Europe on a Stand Up Paddle board made of PLASTIC BOTTLES to raise awareness of plastic pollution in the ocean.

The adventure activists co-foundeded The Whale Company, an environmental education and conservation charity that focuses on plastic pollution.

If you know me, you’ll know this is something I feel very strongly about and I was in awe of their work and story so far, inspiring action and innovation through stand up paddleboarding, upcycling workshops, expeditions and campaigns.

It was obviously of the upmost importance their wedding day was eco friendly and green.

Carolyn and Carlos chose to celebrate their day close to Carolyn’s Mum’s home in Chillaton, Devon. With a full house, preparations were complete with Carolyn’s Mum’s homemade shepherds pie to keep everyone going. A short drive away, the ceremony at Marystowe church was simply beautiful with music played by friends, and maid of honour Rhiannon’s goose pimple singing of Ave-Maria.

Down winding country lanes the couple arrived from the church in Carolyn’s Uncle’s Jaguar to their reception venue, Wonwood Barton, a unique 19th century farmstead, enchanting and rustic, surrounded by glorious countryside. Here everything was locally sourced, the wild flowers, the wine, the hog roast and Carlos had hand made wood burnt name places which sat with recycled paper packaged seeds as favours on the long wooden Banquet Tables in the marque.

Into the evening everyone tucked into a seriously delicious veggie buffet made by friends and the pair announced they were expecting their first child to wonderful smiling faces and loud cheers. Carolyn surprised her new husband with video messages from his family and friends from Brazil who couldn’t be there on the day and Carlos led Carolyn in their first dance with his Brazilian moves.

Carolyn and Carlos- Congratulations, it was a pleasure to photograph your glorious green day. I hope others take inspiration from your wedding. Keep it simple, reusable and plastic free. xx

1-DSC_43751-DSC_4375 2-DSC_43782-DSC_4378 3-DSC_44603-DSC_4460 5-DSC_45345-DSC_4534 4-DSC_23664-DSC_2366 6-DSC_45376-DSC_4537 7-DSC_45657-DSC_4565 9-DSC_46339-DSC_4633 8-DSC_46258-DSC_4625 11-DSC_468311-DSC_4683 12-DSC_469512-DSC_4695 13-DSC_470213-DSC_4702 15-DSC_474015-DSC_4740 14-DSC_473114-DSC_4731 16-DSC_474616-DSC_4746 17-DSC_475717-DSC_4757 18-DSC_476318-DSC_4763 19-DSC_479119-DSC_4791 20-DSC_480020-DSC_4800 21-DSC_480921-DSC_4809 22-DSC_481522-DSC_4815 23-DSC_481923-DSC_4819 24-DSC_002924-DSC_0029 25-DSC_485525-DSC_4855 26-DSC_243426-DSC_2434 27-DSC_488327-DSC_4883 28-DSC_488428-DSC_4884 29-DSC_491729-DSC_4917 30-DSC_493530-DSC_4935 31-DSC_245631-DSC_2456 32-DSC_494932-DSC_4949 33-DSC_501133-DSC_5011 34-DSC_502234-DSC_5022 35-DSC_248535-DSC_2485 36-DSC_503536-DSC_5035 37-DSC_509637-DSC_5096 38-DSC_511338-DSC_5113 39-DSC_249939-DSC_2499 40-DSC_517540-DSC_5175 41-DSC_518141-DSC_5181 42-DSC_520542-DSC_5205 43-DSC_527343-DSC_5273 44-DSC_528944-DSC_5289 47-DSC_254247-DSC_2542 45-DSC_535145-DSC_5351 46-DSC_535646-DSC_5356 48-DSC_537648-DSC_5376 49-DSC_539549-DSC_5395 50-DSC_540250-DSC_5402 51-DSC_541851-DSC_5418 52-DSC_549552-DSC_5495 53-DSC_550553-DSC_5505 54-DSC_257854-DSC_2578 55-DSC_563755-DSC_5637 56-DSC_564456-DSC_5644 57-DSC_575557-DSC_5755 58-DSC_265158-DSC_2651 59-DSC_266659-DSC_2666 60-DSC_578360-DSC_5783 61-DSC_581361-DSC_5813 62-DSC_582262-DSC_5822 63-DSC_270663-DSC_2706 64-DSC_273864-DSC_2738 65-DSC_275865-DSC_2758 66-DSC_276566-DSC_2765 67-DSC_276967-DSC_2769 68-DSC_279768-DSC_2797 69-DSC_280469-DSC_2804 70-DSC_282370-DSC_2823 71-DSC_284471-DSC_2844 72-DSC_285972-DSC_2859 73-DSC_593173-DSC_5931 74-DSC_593574-DSC_5935 76-DSC_595376-DSC_5953 77-DSC_596077-DSC_5960 78-DSC_597278-DSC_5972 80-DSC_604080-DSC_6040 81-DSC_617181-DSC_6171


Suppliers Credits:
Wonwood Barton

Flowers: A Scent Station

Hog Roast: Hungry Hog South West






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Chris & Kate - Gloucestershire When I met Chris and Kate last year, I knew this was going to be an unforgettable day. Chris, a project manager, had spread sheets at the ready. With the ceremony held at Kate's local family church and reception to follow at her parents farm in Thornbury, just north of Bristol, they had a clear vision for the whole day - full of fun, surprises and traditions old and new.

This was the event of the year and not just for Chris, Kate and their families. Villagers came to the church to get a glimpse of Kate on her arrival, surrounding her and her Dad in the Rolls Royce wedding car, eager to get a snap of the bride and pass on well wishes. Chris and Kate, like royalty, caused quite an excitement in the village.

The church was ram-packed, the fullest it has ever been. The sporty couple (Kate, a former Paralympic swimmer) walked out under a Guard of Honour of skis and golf clubs held up by friends, and guests, while family filled the sloped path with handfuls of confetti. The pair left the church following another wonderful local custom, the tying of the lychgate, where Chris threw money over the gate to the crowd as the price of having the gates untied, and being allowed to pass through as newly weds.

Back at the farm, each table had a designated meat carver, complete with matching hats and aprons, ready for serving the farm's very own beef. Into the evening I enjoyed hearing the many stories about Chris and Kate, such as the tale of their first date where Chris' housemates turned up and sat on the table next to them. Freddo bars were given to guests as wedding favours, a nod to Chris' addiction to this classic treat - despite his frustration over their recent inflation. Throwing in (literally) some more family traditions complete with safety goggles, the happy couple even smashed plates (not without difficulty on the grass) in honour of Chris' Greek Grandfather.

Chris, Kate - what a day, thanks for having me. Wishing you both every happiness xx

7-DSC_22017-DSC_2201 10-DSC_223310-DSC_2233 13-DSC_231113-DSC_2311 16-DSC_234516-DSC_2345 19-DSC_236919-DSC_2369 21-DSC_239121-DSC_2391 22-DSC_239822-DSC_2398 32-DSC_253232-DSC_2532 36-DSC_140336-DSC_1403 37-DSC_255837-DSC_2558 38-DSC_256838-DSC_2568 43-DSC_262843-DSC_2628 44-DSC_263344-DSC_2633 46-DSC_265246-DSC_2652 52-DSC_145452-DSC_1454 54-DSC_267854-DSC_2678 55-DSC_270555-DSC_2705 57-DSC_148157-DSC_1481 58-DSC_150158-DSC_1501 60-DSC_153760-DSC_1537 62-DSC_277762-DSC_2777 63-DSC_156963-DSC_1569 64-DSC_157164-DSC_1571 65-DSC_279265-DSC_2792 78-DSC_164678-DSC_1646 79-DSC_165079-DSC_1650 81-DSC_168081-DSC_1680 86-DSC_300586-DSC_3005 89-DSC_302889-DSC_3028 91-DSC_310591-DSC_3105 94-DSC_312594-DSC_3125 95-DSC_312695-DSC_3126 104-DSC_3182104-DSC_3182 113-DSC_3233113-DSC_3233 115-DSC_1766115-DSC_1766 116-DSC_1770116-DSC_1770 117-DSC_3260117-DSC_3260 118-DSC_3261118-DSC_3261 119-DSC_3323119-DSC_3323 120-DSC_3332120-DSC_3332 125-DSC_3420125-DSC_3420 126-DSC_3473126-DSC_3473 127-DSC_3477127-DSC_3477 128-DSC_3489128-DSC_3489 129-DSC_3494129-DSC_3494 130-DSC_3514130-DSC_3514 134-DSC_3564134-DSC_3564 137-DSC_3585137-DSC_3585 141-DSC_3605141-DSC_3605 144-DSC_3650144-DSC_3650 149-DSC_3721149-DSC_3721 153-DSC_1894153-DSC_1894 157-DSC_3741157-DSC_3741 158-DSC_3746158-DSC_3746 160-DSC_1946160-DSC_1946 163-DSC_3844163-DSC_3844 164-DSC_3872164-DSC_3872 165-DSC_1965165-DSC_1965 168-DSC_1986168-DSC_1986 169-DSC_3971169-DSC_3971 170-DSC_1991170-DSC_1991 171-DSC_2006171-DSC_2006 172-DSC_2020172-DSC_2020 174-DSC_4004174-DSC_4004 175-DSC_4012175-DSC_4012 178-DSC_4055178-DSC_4055 179-DSC_4063179-DSC_4063 180-DSC_4070180-DSC_4070 182-DSC_4166182-DSC_4166 183-DSC_4168183-DSC_4168 186-DSC_4228186-DSC_4228 189-DSC_2118 copy189-DSC_2118 copy 190-DSC_2119 copy190-DSC_2119 copy 194-DSC_4240194-DSC_4240 198-DSC_2256 copy198-DSC_2256 copy 202-DSC_4346202-DSC_4346

Suppliers Credits:
Marquee: The Country Marquee Company

Caterer: el-cuisine

Catering management: Alastair Currie Events

Flowers: Plans and plants

Band: The Wild Cards

Dress: Wed2b 




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Brittany, Kurt, Deacon & Kennedy - London From the start of our photo shoot in the city, my heart melted a little when both Deacon and Kennedy grabbed my hands when I first met the family near Westminster Pier. We explored the city together from views of the London Eye, chasing squirrels in St James Park, wandering along the Southbank, bear hunt singing across Millennium Bridge, to a sit down on the steps of St Paul's Cathedral, finishing with a well deserved ice cream at Tower Bridge.
Deacon 4, and Kennedy 3, were tons of fun, had bounds of energy and are such characters. The city is always bustling and especially on a bank holiday, but these two were not phased and ran through the crowds. The kids made the city their playground, with sculptures to climb along the Southbank, skateboarders to admire at the undercroft of the Southbank Centre and plenty of tunnels to shout, sing and echo in along the way. I loved how Kennedy would stand on any kind of platform she came across, and as if on stage would pose and strut her stuff, such a little diva. Deacon, a typical boy, loved racing and collecting the biggest stick or tree branch he could find in the park, and despite the usual brother sister wars he was very patient with his little sister, held her hand helping her clamber up brick walls and waited his turn for plenty of arm swing through the city. Kennedy sang and shouted "I can't stand it" (Elton Johns "I'm still standing"
at me throughout the day which was hilarious. She'd picked it up from the animated musical movie "Sing" which if you haven't seen, it's a must. I had it in my head for weeks and will now forever sing her version "I can't stand it".

With the family now living back to The States, it was wonderful to meet them and create these memories of their time in London town. Here's a few favourites.xx

DSC_2550DSC_2550 DSC_7457DSC_7457
DSC_7451DSC_7451 DSC_7479DSC_7479
DSC_7440DSC_7440 DSC_2560DSC_2560
DSC_2890DSC_2890 DSC_3079DSC_3079
DSC_2821DSC_2821 DSC_2588DSC_2588
DSC_2696DSC_2696 DSC_7470DSC_7470
DSC_2842DSC_2842 DSC_7454DSC_7454
DSC_2985DSC_2985 DSC_2708DSC_2708
DSC_2988DSC_2988 DSC_2769DSC_2769
DSC_2990aDSC_2990a DSC_2991DSC_2991 DSC_3068DSC_3068 DSC_2781DSC_2781 DSC_3093DSC_3093 DSC_3077DSC_3077 DSC_3241DSC_3241 DSC_3244DSC_3244 DSC_3271DSC_3271

]]> (Laura Crouchley Photography) Brother and Sister Family Family Photo Shoot In the city Laura Crouchley Photography Lifestyle Photo Shoot London London Family Photo Shoot London Photo Shoot Wed, 03 Jul 2019 16:22:38 GMT
Jemma & Sean - Bristol I loved every minute of Jemma and Sean's Bristol wedding in early May. It was amazing to be just moments from home, in my own city, in my favourite part of town and photographing the loveliest couple. This was my first wedding at The Bristol Harbour Hotel, an impressive former bank in the heart of the city. The day had a wonderful mix of class, quirkiness and fun. The ceremony was held in the spectacular Sansovino Hall, with it's magnificent skylight allowing the sunlight to beam in. The Hotel's Gold Bar with colourful decor and funky furniture, provided cosy corners for drinks and pics. Just out the door, stepping on to the old cobbled streets of St Nicks Market, the lovely people of Bristol continuously made us smile with well wishes to the couple.
Jemma and Sean's wedding was so well organised, resulting in the most chilled out day filled with wonderful spontaneous moments in the city. Highlights included Page Boy Zach's charm and funny faces, helping me with group photos. Hens and Saturday night party crowds of Bristol folk stopping to congratulate Jemma and Sean, fun friends out on the street photo bombing, bouquet catching...and not just the girls.

Massive congratulations Jemma and Sean, thanks for having me, I had a blast.

Also a big thanks to my helper Naz and The Harbour Hotels host Jason.xx

1-DSC_00191-DSC_0019 2-DSC_00152-DSC_0015 3-DSC_00223-DSC_0022 4-DSC_00354-DSC_0035 7-DSC_0107 copy7-DSC_0107 copy 6-DSC_0091 copy6-DSC_0091 copy 8-DSC_0127 copy8-DSC_0127 copy 9-DSC_01489-DSC_0148 5-DSC_00705-DSC_0070 10-DSC_015710-DSC_0157 11-DSC_019011-DSC_0190 12-DSC_0205 copy12-DSC_0205 copy 16-DSC_016716-DSC_0167 14-DSC_0251 copy14-DSC_0251 copy 15-DSC_027315-DSC_0273 17-DSC_0317 copy17-DSC_0317 copy 19-DSC_0399 copy19-DSC_0399 copy 20-DSC_021920-DSC_0219 21-DSC_022621-DSC_0226 22-DSC_023222-DSC_0232 24-DSC_025624-DSC_0256 26-DSC_029526-DSC_0295 23-DSC_024823-DSC_0248 25-DSC_026625-DSC_0266 27-DSC_030027-DSC_0300 29-DSC_047229-DSC_0472 28-DSC_030228-DSC_0302 30-DSC_048130-DSC_0481 31-DSC_0560 copy31-DSC_0560 copy 32-DSC_035632-DSC_0356 33-DSC_036033-DSC_0360 34-DSC_036234-DSC_0362 35-DSC_058935-DSC_0589 36-DSC_037336-DSC_0373 37-DSC_038737-DSC_0387 39-DSC_0619 copy39-DSC_0619 copy 38-DSC_0615 copy38-DSC_0615 copy 40-DSC_0632 copy40-DSC_0632 copy 41-DSC_0720 copy41-DSC_0720 copy 42-DSC_0742 copy42-DSC_0742 copy 43-DSC_0744 copy43-DSC_0744 copy 44-DSC_044444-DSC_0444 45-DSC_045345-DSC_0453 47-DSC_046247-DSC_0462 48-DSC_046748-DSC_0467 49-DSC_048749-DSC_0487 50-DSC_049150-DSC_0491 51-DSC_049451-DSC_0494 52-DSC_077252-DSC_0772 53-DSC_0775 copy53-DSC_0775 copy 55-DSC_050255-DSC_0502 54-DSC_078054-DSC_0780 58-DSC_055058-DSC_0550 59-DSC_055459-DSC_0554 60-DSC_055560-DSC_0555 61-DSC_055761-DSC_0557 62-DSC_0812 copy62-DSC_0812 copy 63-DSC_056863-DSC_0568 64-DSC_056964-DSC_0569 65-DSC_062365-DSC_0623 66-DSC_063366-DSC_0633 67-DSC_0864 copy67-DSC_0864 copy 68-DSC_086868-DSC_0868 69-DSC_086969-DSC_0869 70-DSC_0665a70-DSC_0665a 72-DSC_096872-DSC_0968 71-DSC_0903a copy71-DSC_0903a copy 73-DSC_0980 copy73-DSC_0980 copy 74-DSC_099474-DSC_0994 75-DSC_102675-DSC_1026 76-DSC_105776-DSC_1057 77-DSC_106277-DSC_1062 78-DSC_078178-DSC_0781 79-DSC_081179-DSC_0811 80-DSC_081980-DSC_0819 81-DSC_082981-DSC_0829 83-DSC_115083-DSC_1150 84-DSC_085784-DSC_0857 86-DSC_090986-DSC_0909 88-DSC_092188-DSC_0921 90-DSC_121990-DSC_1219 89-DSC_120889-DSC_1208 91-DSC_122791-DSC_1227 85-DSC_117085-DSC_1170 93-DSC_098193-DSC_0981 94-DSC_130794-DSC_1307 96-DSC_100396-DSC_1003 97-DSC_132797-DSC_1327 98-DSC_133198-DSC_1331 100-DSC_1015100-DSC_1015 101-DSC_1524101-DSC_1524 92-DSC_124592-DSC_1245 102-DSC_1561102-DSC_1561 104-DSC_1619104-DSC_1619

Suppliers Credits:

Venue: The Bristol Harbour Hotel

Dress: Vera Wang, David's Bridal

Hair and Make Up: Evie Smith

Flowers: Jordan Keogh - Jasper & Quinn

Cake: Catie Norbury - The Cake Diva

Acoustic Guitar: Mark Patton

Band: The Club - Richer Music

Photo Booth: Booth19



]]> (Laura Crouchley Photography) Bride Bride and Groom Bristol Bristol Harbour Hotel Bristol Wedding Bristol Wedding Photographer Bristol Wedding Photography Bristol Wedding Venue Couple Laura Crouchley Photography Love Marriage Wedding Wedding Photography Wed, 12 Jun 2019 17:04:35 GMT
Katie & Mark - Devon Katie and Mark kicked off my 2019 weddings last month and what an awesome start to my season it was. Bride Katie got ready at her Mum's charming home in Newton Abbot, where I was blown away by Katie's paintings from her fine art degree decorating the walls. Family and friends popped in to say hello, grab a sarnie, a pre ceremony tipple, catch a glimpse of Katie and give a reassuring hand or a brotherly fist bump before heading to witness the I do's at St Matthews church Lansdcove in Ashburton. Groom Mark and the couple's son Jim, sat eagerly awaiting Katie's arrival at the church, the same church where Mark's parents where married and where Mark had himself been Christened just a stones throw from his parents house. Little Jim beamed with smiles all through the ceremony but wasn't so sure on the confetti, teehe.

Just up the road in South Brent, guests filled Glazebrook House's quirky rooms, so warm and inviting. After a meal with some truly delicious food, Katie and Mark took a walk around Glazebrook's luscious spring green garden before hitting the dance floor. The evening was wonderfully chilled, filled with humble and hilarious speeches, fun, games and sweets for the kids, and a snoozing Uncle on the sofa.

 With only two months to plan their day, these guys nailed it. Loved every minute, massive congratulations Katie and Mark.xx

DSC_9245DSC_9245 DSC_9095DSC_9095 DSC_5866DSC_5866 DSC_5821DSC_5821 DSC_9107DSC_9107 DSC_5828DSC_5828 DSC_9116DSC_9116 DSC_9120DSC_9120 DSC_5836DSC_5836 DSC_9133DSC_9133 DSC_5845DSC_5845 DSC_5852DSC_5852 DSC_9145DSC_9145 DSC_5887DSC_5887 DSC_5888DSC_5888 DSC_9151DSC_9151 DSC_9155DSC_9155 DSC_9174DSC_9174 DSC_9178DSC_9178 DSC_9184DSC_9184 DSC_9200DSC_9200 DSC_5909DSC_5909 DSC_9192DSC_9192 DSC_5917DSC_5917 DSC_5926DSC_5926 DSC_9246DSC_9246

DSC_9257DSC_9257 DSC_5935DSC_5935 DSC_9265DSC_9265 DSC_9280DSC_9280 DSC_5952DSC_5952 DSC_5955DSC_5955 DSC_5963DSC_5963 DSC_5981DSC_5981 DSC_5986DSC_5986 DSC_9295DSC_9295 DSC_9299DSC_9299 DSC_5991DSC_5991 DSC_9340DSC_9340 DSC_9368DSC_9368 DSC_9361DSC_9361 DSC_9394DSC_9394 DSC_5999DSC_5999 DSC_6006DSC_6006 DSC_6022DSC_6022 DSC_9409DSC_9409 DSC_9421DSC_9421 DSC_0013 copyDSC_0013 copy DSC_9431DSC_9431 DSC_9436DSC_9436 DSC_9454DSC_9454 DSC_9471DSC_9471 DSC_6065DSC_6065 DSC_9474DSC_9474 DSC_9534DSC_9534 DSC_9551DSC_9551 DSC_9545DSC_9545 DSC_9542DSC_9542 DSC_9553DSC_9553 DSC_9571DSC_9571 DSC_6085DSC_6085 DSC_9600DSC_9600 DSC_9601DSC_9601 DSC_6089DSC_6089 DSC_6096DSC_6096 DSC_6140DSC_6140 DSC_6144DSC_6144 DSC_9643DSC_9643 DSC_9646DSC_9646 DSC_9648DSC_9648 DSC_9653DSC_9653 DSC_9661DSC_9661 DSC_6156DSC_6156 DSC_6171DSC_6171 DSC_6176DSC_6176 DSC_6181DSC_6181 DSC_6200DSC_6200 DSC_6203DSC_6203 DSC_9890DSC_9890 DSC_9880DSC_9880 DSC_9923DSC_9923 DSC_9929DSC_9929 DSC_9943DSC_9943 DSC_9954DSC_9954 DSC_0079DSC_0079 DSC_0103DSC_0103 DSC_6364DSC_6364 DSC_0175DSC_0175 DSC_0177DSC_0177 DSC_0178DSC_0178 DSC_0181DSC_0181 DSC_0184DSC_0184 DSC_6398DSC_6398 DSC_0220DSC_0220 DSC_6405DSC_6405 DSC_0251DSC_0251 DSC_0267DSC_0267 DSC_0265DSC_0265 DSC_0283 copyDSC_0283 copy DSC_0279DSC_0279 DSC_6442DSC_6442

DSC_0342DSC_0342 DSC_0351DSC_0351 DSC_0357DSC_0357 DSC_0358DSC_0358 DSC_0361DSC_0361 DSC_0362DSC_0362 DSC_0392DSC_0392 DSC_0394DSC_0394 DSC_6452DSC_6452 DSC_0414DSC_0414 DSC_0425DSC_0425 DSC_6493DSC_6493 DSC_0485DSC_0485 DSC_0498DSC_0498 DSC_6519DSC_6519 DSC_6531DSC_6531 DSC_0558DSC_0558 DSC_0590DSC_0590 DSC_0602DSC_0602 DSC_6597DSC_6597 DSC_0612DSC_0612 DSC_0620DSC_0620 DSC_6625DSC_6625 DSC_0622DSC_0622 DSC_0639DSC_0639 DSC_0662DSC_0662 DSC_0689DSC_0689 DSC_0698DSC_0698 DSC_6743DSC_6743 DSC_6748DSC_6748 DSC_6751DSC_6751 DSC_0725DSC_0725 DSC_0762DSC_0762 DSC_6805DSC_6805 DSC_0828DSC_0828

]]> (Laura Crouchley Photography) Bride Bride and Groom Couple Devon Devon Wedding Devon Wedding Photography Glazebrook House Hotel Laura Crouchley Photography Love Marriage Wedding Wedding Photography Tue, 23 Apr 2019 01:17:32 GMT
Sarah, Lee and Rosenwyn - Bristol I began my year with a very special family photo shoot with my friends Sarah, Lee and their first born. 

Sarah and I met for coffee and cake and a few bump pics on a gorgeous autumn day mid November, a week later Rosenwyn surprised us by arriving over a month early.
I finally got met her on yet another surprisingly sunny February afternoon at their home in Warmley.  Rosenwyn's little face beamed in the cottages beautiful light, full of expressions she was simply a delight with her big beautiful eyes, lots of smiles and funny faces, it was hard to put my camera down to stop for lunch. Proud new Dad Lee showed us a video of Rose being weighed in hospital shortly after her birth, which was very emotional for Mum having not seen it before. I had such a lovely day with them and marvelled at Sarah's home made crafting including a blanket and a Beauty and the Beast mobile hung from Rosenwyn's cot which once belonged to Dad.

Congratulations again, looking forward to seeing how much she's grown since I took these photos. 

Happy first Mothers Day, Sarah. Here's some of my personal favourites xx                       

104-Laura Crouchley104-Laura Crouchley 69-Laura Crouchley69-Laura Crouchley 30-Laura Crouchley30-Laura Crouchley 79-Laura Crouchley79-Laura Crouchley 34-Laura Crouchley34-Laura Crouchley 51-Laura Crouchley51-Laura Crouchley 45-Laura Crouchley45-Laura Crouchley 134-Laura Crouchley134-Laura Crouchley 54-Laura Crouchley54-Laura Crouchley 64-Laura Crouchley64-Laura Crouchley 26-Laura Crouchley26-Laura Crouchley 17-Laura Crouchley17-Laura Crouchley 83-Laura Crouchley83-Laura Crouchley 42-Laura Crouchley42-Laura Crouchley 65-Laura Crouchley65-Laura Crouchley 93-Laura Crouchley93-Laura Crouchley 20-Laura Crouchley20-Laura Crouchley 135-Laura Crouchley135-Laura Crouchley 71-Laura Crouchley71-Laura Crouchley 85-Laura Crouchley85-Laura Crouchley 60-Laura Crouchley60-Laura Crouchley 76-Laura Crouchley76-Laura Crouchley 78-Laura Crouchley78-Laura Crouchley 87-Laura Crouchley87-Laura Crouchley 108-Laura Crouchley108-Laura Crouchley 142-Laura Crouchley142-Laura Crouchley 144-Laura Crouchley144-Laura Crouchley 148-Laura Crouchley148-Laura Crouchley 105-Laura Crouchley105-Laura Crouchley 138-Laura Crouchley138-Laura Crouchley 131-Laura Crouchley131-Laura Crouchley 101-Laura Crouchley101-Laura Crouchley 86-Laura Crouchley86-Laura Crouchley 116-Laura Crouchley116-Laura Crouchley 136-Laura Crouchley136-Laura Crouchley 137-Laura Crouchley137-Laura Crouchley 102-Laura Crouchley102-Laura Crouchley

]]> (Laura Crouchley Photography) Baby Baby girl Baby Photography Bristol Family Photographer Bristol Family Photography Family Photo Shoot Laura Crouchley Photography Newborn Newborn Photo Shoot Newborn photography Sun, 31 Mar 2019 19:46:24 GMT
2018, A Look Back January was a month of paperwork, organising and preparing, the dreaded tax return, switching off from social media (a bit), Netflix in the warm and looking back over last years work, I always struggle with putting together my “favourites” each year, picking such a small collection of images from so many amazing moments is a difficult task, but here's a little slide show collection along with 100 of my 2018 wedding highlights. Thank you to my lovely couples.

This month I'm looking forward to meeting couples, sprucing up my website and family sessions before my wedding season kicks off next month. Hello to all my 2019 couples, here's to an amazing 2019 with lots of love, experience and creativity.

I still have a few spaces left for 2019 weddings and am now taking bookings for 2020, so get in touch if you'd like to chat about your day.xx


1/143-Laura Crouchley1/143-Laura Crouchley 2/ 234-Laura Crouchley2/ 234-Laura Crouchley 5/ DSC_2992 copy5/ DSC_2992 copy DSC_8108copy-Laura CrouchleyDSC_8108copy-Laura Crouchley 4/ 79-Laura Crouchley4/ 79-Laura Crouchley DSC_7980copy-Laura CrouchleyDSC_7980copy-Laura Crouchley 9/ 185-Laura Crouchley9/ 185-Laura Crouchley 17/ 224-Laura Crouchley17/ 224-Laura Crouchley 313-Laura Crouchley copy313-Laura Crouchley copy DSC_8510-Laura CrouchleyDSC_8510-Laura Crouchley 6/ DSC_8201-Laura Crouchley6/ DSC_8201-Laura Crouchley 12/ 159-Laura Crouchley copy12/ 159-Laura Crouchley copy 10/ 96-Laura Crouchley copy10/ 96-Laura Crouchley copy 8/ 171-Laura Crouchley8/ 171-Laura Crouchley 11/ 116-Laura Crouchley11/ 116-Laura Crouchley 13/ 220-Laura Crouchley13/ 220-Laura Crouchley 14/ DSC_300314/ DSC_3003 15/ 401-Laura Crouchley15/ 401-Laura Crouchley 19/ 293-Laura Crouchley19/ 293-Laura Crouchley 18-127-Laura Crouchley18-127-Laura Crouchley 20-Laura Crouchley20-Laura Crouchley 23/ 538-Laura Crouchley23/ 538-Laura Crouchley 240-Laura Crouchley240-Laura Crouchley 22-Laura Crouchley22-Laura Crouchley 24-Laura Crouchley24-Laura Crouchley DSC_3687DSC_3687 25-Laura Crouchley25-Laura Crouchley 26/ 456-Laura Crouchley26/ 456-Laura Crouchley 25/ DSC_340725/ DSC_3407 26/ 145-Laura Crouchley26/ 145-Laura Crouchley 329-Laura Crouchley329-Laura Crouchley 19/ 580-Laura Crouchley19/ 580-Laura Crouchley 19/ 599-Laura Crouchley19/ 599-Laura Crouchley DSC_2970 copyDSC_2970 copy DSC_7947-Laura CrouchleyDSC_7947-Laura Crouchley 22/ DSC_3011 copy22/ DSC_3011 copy 57-Laura Crouchley57-Laura Crouchley DSC_7710-Laura CrouchleyDSC_7710-Laura Crouchley 65-Laura Crouchley65-Laura Crouchley DSC_3436DSC_3436 177-Laura Crouchley177-Laura Crouchley 314-Laura Crouchley314-Laura Crouchley 104-Laura Crouchley104-Laura Crouchley 347-Laura Crouchley347-Laura Crouchley 510-Laura Crouchley510-Laura Crouchley 385-Laura Crouchley385-Laura Crouchley 307-Laura Crouchley307-Laura Crouchley 179-Laura Crouchley179-Laura Crouchley 124-Laura Crouchley124-Laura Crouchley 545-Laura Crouchley545-Laura Crouchley 246-Laura Crouchley246-Laura Crouchley 287-Laura Crouchley287-Laura Crouchley 455-Laura Crouchley copy455-Laura Crouchley copy 312-Laura Crouchley312-Laura Crouchley 345-Laura Crouchley345-Laura Crouchley 415-Laura Crouchley415-Laura Crouchley 423-Laura Crouchley423-Laura Crouchley 568-Laura Crouchley568-Laura Crouchley 443-Laura Crouchley443-Laura Crouchley 455-Laura Crouchley455-Laura Crouchley 538-Laura Crouchley copy538-Laura Crouchley copy DSC_3460-2DSC_3460-2 463-Laura Crouchley463-Laura Crouchley DSC_8077-Laura CrouchleyDSC_8077-Laura Crouchley 653-Laura Crouchley653-Laura Crouchley DSC_2964DSC_2964 500-Laura Crouchley500-Laura Crouchley 486-Laura Crouchley486-Laura Crouchley 191-Laura Crouchley191-Laura Crouchley DSC_3915aDSC_3915a 635-Laura Crouchley635-Laura Crouchley 497-Laura Crouchley497-Laura Crouchley 232-Laura Crouchley232-Laura Crouchley 513-Laura Crouchley copy513-Laura Crouchley copy DSC_4151DSC_4151 DSC_7875-Laura Crouchley-2DSC_7875-Laura Crouchley-2 516-Laura Crouchley516-Laura Crouchley 519-Laura Crouchley519-Laura Crouchley DSC_3884DSC_3884 521-Laura Crouchley521-Laura Crouchley DSC_8449-Laura CrouchleyDSC_8449-Laura Crouchley DSC_2981 copyDSC_2981 copy 544-Laura Crouchley544-Laura Crouchley 589-Laura Crouchley589-Laura Crouchley 609-Laura Crouchley609-Laura Crouchley DSC_3398-2DSC_3398-2 621-Laura Crouchley621-Laura Crouchley DSC_3854DSC_3854 679-Laura Crouchley679-Laura Crouchley DSC_3503 copyDSC_3503 copy 685-Laura Crouchley685-Laura Crouchley DSC_3619DSC_3619 DSC_4190b-2DSC_4190b-2 DSC_4195DSC_4195 135-Laura Crouchley135-Laura Crouchley DSC_8083-Laura CrouchleyDSC_8083-Laura Crouchley DSC_8106-Laura CrouchleyDSC_8106-Laura Crouchley DSC_4258DSC_4258 152-Laura Crouchley152-Laura Crouchley DSC_8184-Laura CrouchleyDSC_8184-Laura Crouchley 216-2019 editLaura Crouchley216-2019 editLaura Crouchley 223-Laura Crouchley223-Laura Crouchley 170-Laura Crouchley copy170-Laura Crouchley copy 583-Laura Crouchley583-Laura Crouchley 330-Laura Crouchley330-Laura Crouchley

]]> (Laura Crouchley Photography) Bride Bride and Groom Bristol Bristol Wedding Bristol Wedding Photographer Couple Devon Wedding Devon Wedding Photography Getting Married Laura Crouchley Photography Love marriage She Said Yes UK Wedding Photographer Wedding Wedding Day Wedding Photography Mon, 04 Feb 2019 12:34:41 GMT
Paschoe House Style Photo Shoot - Devon  I can't believe it's December already!

It's that time of the year when I start to look back over my work, evaluate and share some of my favourites.

 At the beginning of this year after my travels in Goa, India, I headed back home to a freezing cold February just before The Beast from the East hit the UK. Catching up with family and awaiting the arrival of my niece, I was also excited and keen to get straight back to work and be part of a collaborative styled shoot at stunning new Devon wedding venue, Paschoe House. With an amazing team of ladies this was an opportunity to get creative and hone our skills.

Paschoe House, a grade II listed manor house, is nestled amongst the rolling hills in the Heart of Devon. A mix of a country hunting lodge with a modern twist, there are spectacular fireplaces, flamboyant wallpapers and a stunning staircase. It’s stylish, quirky and has a wonderfully cosy yet luxurious feel.

As a team we set upon creating clean, classy, nature inspired images to echo the style of Paschoe’s interior. Our vision was styled by Shelley Hutcheon and Nic Courtney precision styling. Shelley also put together elegant flowers and placed succulents and cones adding a botanical theme. Nic’s make up for our stunning model Abigail was natural and flawless and hair stylist Giselle displayed her skills getting Abi’s hair perfectly in place. Completing our vision we where supplied with stunning dresses from bridal boutique Totnes’s Truly Delightful.

Model Abigail shone in the houses moody light creating some of my favourite dramatic shots of the day. She even controlled chattering teeth braving it outside as the first few flakes of snow started to fall.
Beautiful work at a stunning venue pulled off by a dream team of suppliers. Many thanks to our talented team (links below).xx

DSC_1501a-Laura CrouchleyDSC_1501a-Laura Crouchley Paschoe blog set 11Paschoe blog set 11 DSC_1678-Laura CrouchleyDSC_1678-Laura Crouchley DSC_1781-Laura CrouchleyDSC_1781-Laura Crouchley Paschoe blog set 5Paschoe blog set 5 DSC_2169ab-Laura CrouchleyDSC_2169ab-Laura Crouchley DSC_1557-Laura CrouchleyDSC_1557-Laura Crouchley DSC_2089-Laura CrouchleyDSC_2089-Laura Crouchley DSC_1753-Laura CrouchleyDSC_1753-Laura Crouchley Paschoe blog set 3Paschoe blog set 3 DSC_4966-Laura CrouchleyDSC_4966-Laura Crouchley Paschoe blog set 8Paschoe blog set 8 DSC_2019-Laura CrouchleyDSC_2019-Laura Crouchley Paschoe blog set 7Paschoe blog set 7 DSC_5095-Laura CrouchleyDSC_5095-Laura Crouchley DSC_1553-Laura CrouchleyDSC_1553-Laura Crouchley DSC_5034a-Laura CrouchleyDSC_5034a-Laura Crouchley DSC_1874-Laura CrouchleyDSC_1874-Laura Crouchley DSC_5038-Laura CrouchleyDSC_5038-Laura Crouchley DSC_1804-Laura CrouchleyDSC_1804-Laura Crouchley DSC_1617-Laura CrouchleyDSC_1617-Laura Crouchley Paschoe blog set 4Paschoe blog set 4 DSC_2607z-Laura CrouchleyDSC_2607z-Laura Crouchley Paschoe blog set 12Paschoe blog set 12 DSC_1688-Laura CrouchleyDSC_1688-Laura Crouchley DSC_5017-Laura CrouchleyDSC_5017-Laura Crouchley Paschoe blog set 13Paschoe blog set 13 DSC_1931a-Laura CrouchleyDSC_1931a-Laura Crouchley DSC_2151-Laura CrouchleyDSC_2151-Laura Crouchley DSC_2178a-Laura CrouchleyDSC_2178a-Laura Crouchley DSC_2188a-Laura CrouchleyDSC_2188a-Laura Crouchley DSC_2338-Laura CrouchleyDSC_2338-Laura Crouchley DSC_5150abc-Laura CrouchleyDSC_5150abc-Laura Crouchley

Flowers & Styling- Shelley Hutcheon

Makeup & Styling- Nic Courtney

Hair Styling- Giselle Michel-Gendre

Model- Abigail Read

Dresses- Jenny Wilson at Truly Delightful, Totnes

Vintage Plates- Jess at The Vintage Tea & Cake Company


]]> (Laura Crouchley Photography) Bride Devon Devon wedding Devon wedding photography Devon wedding venue Laura Crouchley Photography Paschcoe House Paschoe House Devon Style Shoot Wedding Wedding Photography Sun, 02 Dec 2018 19:57:28 GMT
Stef, Mike, Emily and Ethan - Cornwall Stef is one of my oldest friends, we met at secondary school where we were in the same tutor group and went through some hard and mischievous times together as teens. We don't see each other nearly as much as we'd like, but when we do it's like no time has passed. 

Back in August baby Ethan arrived and in September I went to visit the family at their home in Cornwall. Stef and Mike are such wonderful parents, so chilled and full of fun. Three year old Emily loves the camera, and the camera certainly loves her with her beautiful big eyes like mummy. Emily has bounds of energy, was full of inquisitive questions about my cameras and was so helpful and lots of fun to photograph. Baby Ethan was showered with cuddles and kissed from his big sister (sometimes a little too much).

I love watching and documenting families grow, capturing the joy, the madness, the fun and the love. I get a huge amount of pleasure from being able to give these memories back to people in their images. In the new year I'm looking forward relaunching my website and sharing more of my family photography.

If you are interested in organising a shoot for your own family, then I'd love to hear from you.

Laura xx

38-Laura Crouchley38-Laura Crouchley 9-Laura Crouchley9-Laura Crouchley 11-Laura Crouchley11-Laura Crouchley 20-Laura Crouchley20-Laura Crouchley 16-Laura Crouchley16-Laura Crouchley 25-Laura Crouchley25-Laura Crouchley 56-Laura Crouchley56-Laura Crouchley 54-Laura Crouchley54-Laura Crouchley 21-Laura Crouchley21-Laura Crouchley 36-Laura Crouchley36-Laura Crouchley 37-Laura Crouchley37-Laura Crouchley 41-Laura Crouchley41-Laura Crouchley 44-Laura Crouchley44-Laura Crouchley 61-Laura Crouchley61-Laura Crouchley 59-Laura Crouchley59-Laura Crouchley 64-Laura Crouchley64-Laura Crouchley 68-Laura Crouchley68-Laura Crouchley 66-Laura Crouchley66-Laura Crouchley 69-Laura Crouchley69-Laura Crouchley 71-Laura Crouchley71-Laura Crouchley 72-Laura Crouchley72-Laura Crouchley 73-Laura Crouchley73-Laura Crouchley 74-Laura Crouchley74-Laura Crouchley 81-Laura Crouchley81-Laura Crouchley 82-Laura Crouchley82-Laura Crouchley 87-Laura Crouchley87-Laura Crouchley 88-Laura Crouchley88-Laura Crouchley 92-Laura Crouchley92-Laura Crouchley 97-Laura Crouchley97-Laura Crouchley 100-Laura Crouchley100-Laura Crouchley 102-Laura Crouchley102-Laura Crouchley 106-Laura Crouchley106-Laura Crouchley 108-Laura Crouchley108-Laura Crouchley 109-Laura Crouchley109-Laura Crouchley 93-Laura Crouchley93-Laura Crouchley 95-Laura Crouchley95-Laura Crouchley 96-Laura Crouchley96-Laura Crouchley 111-Laura Crouchley111-Laura Crouchley

]]> (Laura Crouchley Photography) baby baby photo shoot baby photography brother Brother and Sister Cornwall Photo Shoot Family Family Photography Laura Crouchley Photography Lifestyle Photo Shoot Lifestyle Photography Siblings sister Sun, 25 Nov 2018 18:23:44 GMT
Tony, Sophie, Otis and Esme - London Being asked to take precious photos of my friends and their growing family is pretty special.

I used to work with Tony in London and was so happy for him when he met Sophie. I photograph their wedding back in 2013, Otis came along three years later and this September I met little Esme. Time flies and I hadn't seen them since taking photos of Otis when he was about 6 weeks old. Like Otis, Esme shares Mum's big beautiful Disney eyes and Dad's plump lips. Again, just like her brother did, Esme loved the camera pulling lots of funny faces and she was full of smiles, even in her sleep. Cheeky two year old Otis with his gorgeous curly hair had all his toys out and kept me on my toes. Tony and Sophie, you sure do make parenting look easy. Here's a few favourites.
Lots of love. Laura x  17-Laura Crouchley17-Laura Crouchley 19-Laura Crouchley19-Laura Crouchley 10-Laura Crouchley10-Laura Crouchley 34-Laura Crouchley34-Laura Crouchley 5-Laura Crouchley5-Laura Crouchley 21-Laura Crouchley21-Laura Crouchley 44-Laura Crouchley44-Laura Crouchley 46-Laura Crouchley46-Laura Crouchley 15-Laura Crouchley15-Laura Crouchley 52-Laura Crouchley52-Laura Crouchley 85-Laura Crouchley85-Laura Crouchley 55-Laura Crouchley55-Laura Crouchley 61-Laura Crouchley61-Laura Crouchley 24-Laura Crouchley24-Laura Crouchley 67-Laura Crouchley67-Laura Crouchley 62-Laura Crouchley62-Laura Crouchley 25-Laura Crouchley25-Laura Crouchley 77-Laura Crouchley77-Laura Crouchley 53-Laura Crouchley53-Laura Crouchley 13-Laura Crouchley13-Laura Crouchley 69-Laura Crouchley69-Laura Crouchley 74-Laura Crouchley74-Laura Crouchley 76-Laura Crouchley76-Laura Crouchley 86-Laura Crouchley86-Laura Crouchley 80-Laura Crouchley80-Laura Crouchley 81-Laura Crouchley81-Laura Crouchley 82-Laura Crouchley82-Laura Crouchley



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Autumn Styling - Devon As the nights are drawing in and the mornings get nippier; warm autumn colours, crunchy leaves, wooly hat and scarfs and cosy nights in keep me smiling. The ever changing scenery gets my photography mojo going and when you get to work with friends in this industry, a days styling doesn’t feel like work.

Oakenham farm is a venue just outside the little village of Ugborough. Shelley Hutcheon opens her home for craft workshops, away days and lunches, and the farm buildings across the road play host to weddings and music festivals throughout the year. As a working farm there is endless amounts of inspiration, quirky spaces and different backgrounds to play with and when the weather is on your side it’s a photographers dream.

Here's some photos of a lovely afternoon spent photographing beautiful autumnal wedding styling. Cacti and succulents with delicate lace, gold and silver trinkets with rustic wood, seasonal bright bold pumpkins with all things autumn and some elegant barn styling by Nic Courtney, combined with Shelley’s floristry.

To find out more about this fabulous creative duo or if you’d like more info on the venue contact Shelley at

DSC_8304DSC_8304 DSC_8310DSC_8310 DSC_8319DSC_8319 DSC_8354DSC_8354 Autum Styling set 2Autum Styling set 2 DSC_8346DSC_8346 DSC_8334DSC_8334 DSC_8364DSC_8364 DSC_8387-2DSC_8387-2 DSC_8408DSC_8408 DSC_8405DSC_8405 DSC_8314DSC_8314 DSC_8507DSC_8507 DSC_8460DSC_8460 DSC_8497-2DSC_8497-2 DSC_8508DSC_8508 DSC_8520aDSC_8520a DSC_8592DSC_8592 DSC_8600DSC_8600 DSC_8612DSC_8612 DSC_8627DSC_8627 DSC_8696DSC_8696 DSC_8812DSC_8812 DSC_8718DSC_8718 DSC_8649DSC_8649 DSC_8717DSC_8717 DSC_8765DSC_8765 DSC_8751DSC_8751 DSC_8790DSC_8790 DSC_8822DSC_8822 DSC_8798DSC_8798 DSC_8848DSC_8848 DSC_8856DSC_8856

]]> (Laura Crouchley Photography) Autumn Autumn Styling Autumn Wedding cacti Devon Farm Farm Wedding Laura Crouchley Photography Oakenham Oakenham Farm pumpkins Styling succulents Ugborough Wedding Wedding Decor wedding inspiration Wedding Photography Wedding Styling Sat, 27 Oct 2018 11:17:18 GMT
Jo & Tom - Devon little Sister got married, a big day for my family and it was fan-tastic! (Dad in joke).

When Jo and Tom got engaged last year I was super excited to photograph their day, I just knew it was going to be amazing and also how difficult it would be for me to completely sit back and not take any photos. My Sister asked me to be a Bridesmaid along with Tom's sister, Emily and six of her best friends, it was so nice to be involved leading up to the wedding and getting dressed up to party with the girls. The festival themed hen do was epic, 'Crouchella' had it all; festival wrist bands, games, activities and Butlers in the Buff ;) the girls had thought of everything and even the weather was perfect.

I've photographed friends weddings as a guest / Photographer and even a best friends as Bridesmaid / Photographer before so I'm no stranger to multi tasking however, this time it was lovely to sparkle a little myself. I enjoyed a few Bridesmaid luxuries, the wonderful Nic Courtney did my make up and fellow Bridesmaid Naomi did my hair along with Jo's and all 7 Bridesmaids in just a few hours.

With tin cans up-cycled as vases, beautifully hand written signs by Jo, plenty of colourful paper bunting and wild flowers, family and friends helped Tom,  Jo and owners Rich and Elaine create Sturtlebury Barn's first ever wedding. Dad stocked the bar, Mum made the cake, decorating her many cupcakes with help from lovely friend Sue and a bottle of gin until the early hours the night before the big day. The cute barn with it's beautiful Devon Countryside backdrop not far from our family home, made for the perfect relaxed and original wedding, just what Jo and Tom wanted.

Guests arrived via a vintage double decker bus which only just made it up the steep and winding country lanes with help from friend and legend for the day, Liam. Despite weather worries, outside on the bank of the barn, the early September sunshine shone and Tom's Dad Nigel lead an emotional ceremony under his homemade arch. 

This year has been an exciting year for my family with the arrival of my adorable niece Phoebe and Bridesmaid Jess walked her down the aisle. I watched my sister hold back her tears behind Phoebe's beaming face during the speeches and I hid a few tears of my own behind my camera.

We all know Tom loves his food so we tucked into scrummy Pulled Pork rolls from the local Rose Farm before the speeches began. Dad did not disappoint with his humble and accidentally funny speech and Tom, (in my Sister's words) 'a soppy bugger' just about got through his emotional speech. Everyone was spoilt with thoughtful gifts, including beautiful bespoke necklaces for the Bridesmaids made from coloured glass from Wembury Beach by talented friend Amanda Fowler. Bridesmaids Rachel and Liz stepped up to surprise everyone with a poem telling Jo and Tom's story with plenty of giggles and best men Fuller and Max's speech had the barn roaring with laughter and our glasses raised.

Jo and Tom seriously know how to throw a party! With so much going on it was hard to put my camera down, but believe it or not I did fight the urge to document every single detail and emerged now and again to join the party and to be in some photos myself (hesitantly). Highlights included the impromptu "Hey Jude" sing along sparkler exit, James Booker's moves on the dance floor, wood fire pizza from World Pizza (thanks for mine Amy xx) and the icing on the cake or should I say cream, had to be seeing my Sister's face splatted with cake, raising £200 for St Luke's hospital. Such a fun and thoughtful idea, I'm hoping it's inspired couples and would love to see lots more wedding 'cake smashes' next year.

A special big shout out thank you to Nigel, Liam, Max and Fuller for their help and to the wonderful Stacey for assisting me, with extra duties including stepping in to get some shots and taking on her biggest responsibility yet...getting the bride to the wedding!

'Jom's wedding' was perfect. Congratulations Jo and Tom and thank you for always supporting my work and allowing me to photograph your big day. Oh and congratulations to Sturtlebury Barn owners Elaine and Rich
on smashing their first ever wedding, they worked so hard and I hope to return to the barn for many weddings to come.

Emily and James, you're next and I can't wait!

Anyroad, enough writing, here's some pics. Love and happiness and happy birthday little Sister xxx

DSC_2830DSC_2830 Jo & Tom blog set 1bJo & Tom blog set 1b DSC_2880 copyDSC_2880 copy DSC_2842DSC_2842 DSC_3038DSC_3038 DSC_2850-2DSC_2850-2 DSC_3255DSC_3255 DSC_3050aDSC_3050a DSC_3043DSC_3043 DSC_2879DSC_2879 DSC_3075DSC_3075 DSC_2886DSC_2886 DSC_3079DSC_3079 DSC_2888DSC_2888 DSC_3111DSC_3111 DSC_3129-2DSC_3129-2 DSC_2907DSC_2907 DSC_3122DSC_3122 Jo & Tom blog set 4Jo & Tom blog set 4 DSC_3178DSC_3178 DSC_3198DSC_3198 DSC_2964DSC_2964 DSC_2970 copyDSC_2970 copy Jo & Tom blog set 3Jo & Tom blog set 3 DSC_2981 copyDSC_2981 copy DSC_2992 copyDSC_2992 copy DSC_3003DSC_3003 DSC_3219DSC_3219 Jo & Tom blog set 2Jo & Tom blog set 2 DSC_3227aDSC_3227a DSC_3230DSC_3230 DSC_3011 copyDSC_3011 copy DSC_3239DSC_3239 DSC_3043 copyDSC_3043 copy DSC_3275DSC_3275 DSC_3293DSC_3293 DSC_3038 copy-2DSC_3038 copy-2 DSC_3029 copyDSC_3029 copy DSC_3301DSC_3301 DSC_3315DSC_3315 DSC_3042DSC_3042 DSC_3340DSC_3340 DSC_3345DSC_3345 DSC_3358DSC_3358 DSC_3362aDSC_3362a DSC_0006DSC_0006 Jo & Tom blog set 5Jo & Tom blog set 5 DSC_3059-2DSC_3059-2 DSC_3061 copyDSC_3061 copy DSC_3373DSC_3373 DSC_3065 copy-2DSC_3065 copy-2 DSC_3382DSC_3382 DSC_3390DSC_3390 DSC_3392DSC_3392 DSC_3398DSC_3398 Jo & Tom blog set 7Jo & Tom blog set 7 DSC_3405DSC_3405 DSC_3407DSC_3407 DSC_0027DSC_0027 DSC_3418aDSC_3418a DSC_0039DSC_0039 DSC_3436DSC_3436 DSC_3460DSC_3460 DSC_3461DSC_3461 DSC_3429-2DSC_3429-2 DSC_3616DSC_3616 DSC_3655DSC_3655 DSC_3674DSC_3674 DSC_3680DSC_3680 DSC_3678DSC_3678 DSC_3687DSC_3687 DSC_3693DSC_3693 DSC_3696DSC_3696 DSC_3719DSC_3719 DSC_3721DSC_3721 DSC_3728DSC_3728 DSC_3743DSC_3743 DSC_3745DSC_3745 DSC_3767DSC_3767 DSC_3768aDSC_3768a DSC_3779DSC_3779 DSC_3349 copyDSC_3349 copy DSC_3788aDSC_3788a DSC_3352 copyDSC_3352 copy DSC_3359 copyDSC_3359 copy DSC_3365 copyDSC_3365 copy DSC_3744DSC_3744 Jo & Tom blog set 15Jo & Tom blog set 15 DSC_3821DSC_3821 DSC_3831DSC_3831 DSC_3834DSC_3834 DSC_3837DSC_3837 DSC_3838DSC_3838 DSC_3845DSC_3845 DSC_3849DSC_3849 DSC_3852DSC_3852 Jo & Tom blog set 14Jo & Tom blog set 14 DSC_3390 copyDSC_3390 copy DSC_3409 copyDSC_3409 copy Jo & Tom blog set 11Jo & Tom blog set 11 DSC_3884DSC_3884 DSC_3899aDSC_3899a DSC_3915aDSC_3915a DSC_3492 copyDSC_3492 copy Jo & Tom blog set 9Jo & Tom blog set 9 DSC_3503 copyDSC_3503 copy DSC_4046DSC_4046 DSC_4051aDSC_4051a DSC_3619DSC_3619 DSC_3642 copyDSC_3642 copy DSC_4131DSC_4131 DSC_4134DSC_4134 DSC_4151DSC_4151 DSC_3844 copyDSC_3844 copy Jo & Tom blog set 10Jo & Tom blog set 10 DSC_4195DSC_4195 DSC_4189DSC_4189 DSC_4190bDSC_4190b DSC_4251DSC_4251 DSC_4256DSC_4256 DSC_4258DSC_4258 Jo & Tom blog set 13Jo & Tom blog set 13 DSC_4280DSC_4280 DSC_4337DSC_4337

Suppliers Credits:

Venue: Sturtlebury Barn, Loddiswell

Make up: Natalie Aldworth & Nic Courtney

Flowers: Shelley Hutcheon at Oakenham

Bus hire: Carmel Coaches

Hog Roast: Rose Farm

Pizza oven: World Pizza's (Plymouth)

DJ: Pete Issac (Jelly Jazz)

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Dominika, Kurt & Addie - London Just days before they left London for new beginnings in San Fransisco, I met Dominika, Kurt and four year old Addie. Our photo shoot was to create images for them as a keepsake for their time in London. We strolled from Westminster Pier, through the crowds across Westminster Bridge and along the Southbank, stopping for some fun in the fountains at Royal Festival Hall. We then crossed Millennium Bridge to St Paul's Cathedral and jumped in a cab to Hampstead returning to some of the families favourite spots for the last time. I loved how Addie held her Mum, Dad and Nanny Domi (who also joined us), holding their faces and touching noses, and she was hilarious giving time out to everyone including her Moose teddy bear on the steps at St Paul's. We did a fair walk and Addie did so well and had bounds of energy.

My London photo shoots all started over five years ago now. Whilst working part time in a London pub, I met a wonderful family from Texas, knowing my photography not only my pint pouring skills, they asked me to take some photos of them around London before they left the city and returned home to Texas. Having worked in family portrait studios in Bristol and whilst travelling in New Zealand, I was no stranger to photographing babies, children and families, it was something I adored, but I felt restricted by the confines of the studio walls and was often in trouble for trying to do things differently. One Autumn I remember bringing some leaves into the studio for the kids to throw about in their photo session, this didn't go down too well. Anyway, I discovered something very important, I wasn't a studio photographer, I wanted my images to be fresh, full of life, every session to be different and out in the great outdoors. Through word of mouth from my first London family photo shoot I have now photographed many families in country fields to the city streets and visited new families in their homes and now photographed my fifth London shoot. I feel very lucky and love discovering new locations and meeting new families.

Here's to many more family adventures and some of my recent favourites with Dominika, Kurt, Addie and Domi.x

DSC_2132DSC_2132 DSC_2337 copyDSC_2337 copy Dominika, Kurt & Addie blog set 2Dominika, Kurt & Addie blog set 2 25-Laura Crouchley25-Laura Crouchley DSC_2259DSC_2259 DSC_2358 copyDSC_2358 copy DSC_2186DSC_2186 Dominika, Kurt & Addie blog set 1Dominika, Kurt & Addie blog set 1 DSC_2377DSC_2377 DSC_2245DSC_2245 DSC_2205DSC_2205 DSC_2356DSC_2356 DSC_2370DSC_2370 DSC_2422DSC_2422 4-Laura Crouchley4-Laura Crouchley DSC_2167DSC_2167 DSC_2253bDSC_2253b DSC_2394DSC_2394 DSC_2406 copyDSC_2406 copy DSC_2826DSC_2826 DSC_2642aDSC_2642a DSC_2449DSC_2449 DSC_2271DSC_2271 Dominika, Kurt & Addie blog set 3Dominika, Kurt & Addie blog set 3 DSC_2295DSC_2295 DSC_2608DSC_2608 DSC_2543DSC_2543 DSC_2304DSC_2304 DSC_2356 copyDSC_2356 copy DSC_2363 copyDSC_2363 copy DSC_2424DSC_2424 DSC_2548DSC_2548 DSC_2455-2DSC_2455-2 DSC_2458DSC_2458 DSC_2552DSC_2552 DSC_2560DSC_2560 DSC_2435 copyDSC_2435 copy DSC_2676DSC_2676 DSC_2712DSC_2712 DSC_2607DSC_2607 DSC_2437 copyDSC_2437 copy DSC_2575DSC_2575 DSC_2360DSC_2360 DSC_2807DSC_2807 DSC_2615DSC_2615 Dominika, Kurt & Addie blog set 4Dominika, Kurt & Addie blog set 4 DSC_2677DSC_2677 DSC_2652DSC_2652

]]> (Laura Crouchley Photography) Family Hampstead Hampstead London Laura Crouchley Photography Lifestyle Lifestyle Photo Shoot London London family London Photo shoot Millennium Bridge Royal Festival Hall Southbank St Paul's Cathedral Westminster Bridge Westminster Pier Sat, 08 Sep 2018 12:15:47 GMT
Jade & Tom - Bristol I was blown away by Jade and Tom's ship shape and Bristol fashion wedding in the heart of the city. From a moody rainy morning to the bright and bold Commercial Rooms, I found Tom with guests getting a few pints in before the ceremony. Just up the road in one of my favourite parts of the city amongst the hustle and bustle of Bristol's St Nicholas Market,  Jade and Tom renewed their vows in the elegant Old Council House's Grand Council Chamber. I fought back the tears hearing them read their vows and was amazed by the hand knitted Jade and Tom miniatures made by Jade's Grandmother, she has some serious knitting skills! 

The sun's timing was impeccable as guests poured out onto the cobbles of Corn Street followed by Jade and Tom who turned plenty of heads, they received well wishes from lovely locals and even posed for a photo with tourists on the busy Friday lunch time.

Umbrellas at the ready, we then strolled down to the harbour side, with time for a quick sit with Long John Wallace ("Wensleydale"), before a boat trip with Bristol Packet Boat Trips aboard The Tower Belle. With rain clouds now cleared we cruised through Bristol's glorious floating harbour, taking in the sunshine and the famous sights before mooring near The Mud Dock Cafe to continue the celebrations.

I love The Mud Dock with it's quirky style, bikes hanging from the ceiling, that window, the light and the perfect spot overlooking the water. We all wowed over the incredible cake and cute table decorations made by Jade and her Mum and a candle was lit in memory of Jade's Dad,  Jeff. With sad and happy tears, beautiful words, hugs all round and yummy food the evening continued with plenty of fun and frolics.

Just awesome! Massive congratulations Jade and Tom xx

DSC_1049DSC_1049 J & T Blog set 2J & T Blog set 2 DSC_0195DSC_0195 DSC_1112DSC_1112 DSC_1135DSC_1135 DSC_1126DSC_1126 DSC_1150DSC_1150 DSC_1165DSC_1165 DSC_1171DSC_1171 DSC_0249DSC_0249 DSC_1174DSC_1174 DSC_1187DSC_1187 DSC_1207DSC_1207 DSC_0274DSC_0274 DSC_1229DSC_1229 DSC_0303DSC_0303 DSC_0314DSC_0314 DSC_1245DSC_1245 DSC_1247DSC_1247 DSC_0357DSC_0357 DSC_0385DSC_0385 DSC_1305aDSC_1305a DSC_1311DSC_1311 DSC_0456DSC_0456 DSC_1368DSC_1368 DSC_0571aDSC_0571a DSC_1449aDSC_1449a DSC_1474DSC_1474 DSC_0598DSC_0598 DSC_1490DSC_1490 DSC_0645DSC_0645 DSC_0671aDSC_0671a DSC_0744DSC_0744 DSC_0810DSC_0810 DSC_0828DSC_0828 DSC_1550DSC_1550 DSC_0830DSC_0830 DSC_0849DSC_0849 DSC_0855DSC_0855 DSC_0856DSC_0856 DSC_0860DSC_0860 DSC_1574DSC_1574 DSC_0869DSC_0869 DSC_0874DSC_0874 DSC_0903DSC_0903 DSC_1577DSC_1577 DSC_0908DSC_0908 DSC_0971DSC_0971 DSC_1054 copyDSC_1054 copy J & T Blog set 1J & T Blog set 1 DSC_1065DSC_1065 DSC_1113 copyDSC_1113 copy DSC_1146 copyDSC_1146 copy DSC_1175 copyDSC_1175 copy DSC_1167 copyDSC_1167 copy DSC_1181 copyDSC_1181 copy J & T Blog set 9J & T Blog set 9 DSC_1193 copyDSC_1193 copy DSC_1242DSC_1242 DSC_1254aDSC_1254a J & T Blog set 3J & T Blog set 3 DSC_1274 copyDSC_1274 copy J & T Blog set 5J & T Blog set 5 DSC_1698DSC_1698 DSC_1322DSC_1322 DSC_1422 copyDSC_1422 copy DSC_1736DSC_1736 DSC_1474 copyDSC_1474 copy DSC_1432 copyDSC_1432 copy DSC_1447 copyDSC_1447 copy DSC_1492 copyDSC_1492 copy DSC_1502 copyDSC_1502 copy DSC_1412 copyDSC_1412 copy DSC_1355 copyDSC_1355 copy DSC_1365aDSC_1365a J & T Blog set 7J & T Blog set 7 DSC_1390 copyDSC_1390 copy DSC_1378a copy-2DSC_1378a copy-2 DSC_1521 copyDSC_1521 copy DSC_1528 copyDSC_1528 copy DSC_1518 copyDSC_1518 copy DSC_1740 copyDSC_1740 copy DSC_1546 copyDSC_1546 copy DSC_1548 copyDSC_1548 copy DSC_1640aDSC_1640a DSC_1636 copyDSC_1636 copy DSC_1815DSC_1815 DSC_1800DSC_1800 DSC_1774 copyDSC_1774 copy DSC_1834DSC_1834 DSC_1751 copyDSC_1751 copy DSC_2021DSC_2021 DSC_1798 copyDSC_1798 copy DSC_1970DSC_1970 DSC_1976DSC_1976 DSC_1841DSC_1841 DSC_1893 copyDSC_1893 copy DSC_1921DSC_1921 DSC_2113DSC_2113 DSC_1961DSC_1961 DSC_1977 copyDSC_1977 copy DSC_1988 copyDSC_1988 copy DSC_2039 copyDSC_2039 copy DSC_2073DSC_2073 DSC_2051 copyDSC_2051 copy  Supplier Credits:

Venue: Mud Dock Cafe

Band: Dysfunktional




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St Pauls Carnival 2018 - Bristol Last Saturday I went to my first ever St Paul's Carnival, the huge party representing the best of African Caribbean culture, diversity and creativity in Bristol. Back in the city after a three-year absence, it was it's 50th celebration since the first carnival in 1968. 

With the sunshine blazing, thousands of people filled the streets with colour and cheer, music and dance bringing the community together. What an amazing day. Big Bristol love xx

DSC_0793-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0793-Laura Crouchley DSC_0795-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0795-Laura Crouchley DSC_0660-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0660-Laura Crouchley DSC_0452-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0452-Laura Crouchley DSC_0414-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0414-Laura Crouchley DSC_0438-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0438-Laura Crouchley DSC_0455-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0455-Laura Crouchley DSC_0453-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0453-Laura Crouchley DSC_0459-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0459-Laura Crouchley DSC_0444-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0444-Laura Crouchley DSC_0461-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0461-Laura Crouchley DSC_0471-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0471-Laura Crouchley DSC_0479-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0479-Laura Crouchley DSC_0463-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0463-Laura Crouchley DSC_0492-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0492-Laura Crouchley DSC_0487-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0487-Laura Crouchley DSC_0499-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0499-Laura Crouchley DSC_0512-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0512-Laura Crouchley DSC_0477-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0477-Laura Crouchley DSC_0536-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0536-Laura Crouchley DSC_0537-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0537-Laura Crouchley DSC_0584-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0584-Laura Crouchley DSC_0541-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0541-Laura Crouchley DSC_0591-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0591-Laura Crouchley DSC_0595-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0595-Laura Crouchley DSC_0543-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0543-Laura Crouchley DSC_0682-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0682-Laura Crouchley DSC_0575-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0575-Laura Crouchley DSC_0547-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0547-Laura Crouchley DSC_0560-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0560-Laura Crouchley DSC_0600-Laura CrouchleyDSC_0600-Laura Crouchley