I loved every minute of Jemma and Sean's Bristol wedding in early May. It was amazing to be just moments from home, in my own city, in my favourite part of town and photographing the loveliest couple. This was my first wedding at The Bristol Harbour Hotel, an impressive former bank in the heart of the city. The day had a wonderful mix of class, quirkiness and fun. The ceremony was held in the spectacular Sansovino Hall, with it's magnificent skylight allowing the sunlight to beam in. The Hotel's Gold Bar with colourful decor and funky furniture, provided cosy corners for drinks and pics. Just out the door, stepping on to the old cobbled streets of St Nicks Market, the lovely people of Bristol continuously made us smile with well wishes to the couple.
Jemma and Sean's wedding was so well organised, resulting in the most chilled out day filled with wonderful spontaneous moments in the city. Highlights included Page Boy Zach's charm and funny faces, helping me with group photos. Hens and Saturday night party crowds of Bristol folk stopping to congratulate Jemma and Sean, fun friends out on the street photo bombing, bouquet catching...and not just the girls.

Massive congratulations Jemma and Sean, thanks for having me, I had a blast.

Also a big thanks to my helper Naz and The Harbour Hotels host Jason.xx

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Suppliers Credits:

Venue: The Bristol Harbour Hotel

Dress: Vera Wang, David's Bridal

Hair and Make Up: Evie Smith

Flowers: Jordan Keogh - Jasper & Quinn

Cake: Catie Norbury - The Cake Diva

Acoustic Guitar: Mark Patton

Band: The Club - Richer Music

Photo Booth: Booth19