Wedding Photography Check List


  • Be sure to check any photography restrictions with your registrar/ vicar/ celebrant which maybe in place during your ceremony.


  • Inform me if you have booked a videographer, so we can work together.


  • Please inform me of any readings which will be taking place during your ceremony, and be aware it may not always be possible for these to be photographed.


  • If you’re planning on doing a first look together, please do let me know if you would like this photographed. Also consider this with the father or the bride during bridal preparations.


  • Please keep me informed of travel times and transport you’d like to be captured during in the day.


  • Make sure you have plenty of happy helpers to organise confetti, group photos and to generally help direct and keep the flow of the day. Also the more confetti the merrier.


  • Remember to try to not have too many formal group photos. I‘d say no more than 6 group variations e.g. Brides family, Grooms family etc.


  • Brides if you plan to throw your bouquet, let me know and I’ll be sure to capture this.


  • Be sure to allow the time for any group photos and photos of just the two of you. I’d say at least half an hour for 6 family group photos and half an hour to an hour for photos of just the two of you. Always try to allow more time than you think is needed.


  • Take into consideration photos you may want at sunset of just the two of you.


  • Don’t forget to send me your schedule for the day, even just brief timings will do and to keep me posted of any planned surprises or things not to miss.


  • No-one likes having their photograph taken while there eating. This is the time I tend to stop briefly and refuel. I never request food and always bring myself plenty of snacks to keep me going, but food is always appreciated.


  • Try to not worry about the weather, it’s out of your control. Have a wet weather plan just incase and I’ll pack my brollies and will have plenty of lighting for possible indoor photographs, and will simply work around it on the day.


  • Most importantly, remember to relax, ignore me and focus on your family and friends, the best photos are when you forget I’m there.



A bit of forward planning really does help the day flow and allow for plenty of authentic moments.